A destro-blues-blastoff get ready for loud fast just about out of control take back the stage make the audience stay and hope that that's not it - there's gotta be more - gotta keep em' wanting more. And more... Are you out of breath yet?


From the studio apartment tapes to actuality who would have thought that Javlins could exist, yet alone perform? And what exactly is a Javlin? Isn't that a track and field event? Is it a British fighter jet? Or is it an AMC fuel injected fast car? Better yet, wasn't that a gang on the Lower East Side in the 80's? Perhaps it's a combination of it all and they just pierced through your skin. Almost two years in the making, gaining momentum, an EP on the way, shows starting to line up, fans startled, amazed, when will the spectacle end, let alone begin. They want an encore. No way! That's for next time, and those other bands.


Worn Out Your Welcome EP - 2006

Set List

Doll er' Up
The Collector
Little White
Canadians Puke
Science Fiction
Dead Senator
Hit By The Bus
There's All These Little Dogs