JAW is brutality and peace conveyed through movements, from the grandeur of mountaintops to the voids of valleys. Soulful, poetic, graceful and mighty, JAW reinvents what metal is and can be.


JAW is power, an unrestrained force possessing an unorthodox songwriting style. Fearless in their innovation and unrepentant in their push for change. Jaw is an inherent talent, a creative David in world of conformist Goliaths.

JAW formed in 2001 when vocalist Emmanuel Olarewaju and guitarist Jason Dokken met through serendipity at a music store in their hometown of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. After months of searching for individuals who shared in their creative vision, Olarewaju and Dokken recruited bassist Pablo Riedel and drummer Kevin Kornelsen. On July 17th 2001, JAW began. Within a few months of forming, the quartet had written a solid set of songs. These songs only scratched the surface of JAW’s limitless potential.

JAW recorded their first EP in November 2002. With EP in hand JAW began tirelessly touring the frigid western Canadian plains through to the eastern coast, while periodically dipping into the U.S. JAW’s live performance impressed to such an extent that within a year the group had sold over four thousand copies of their self-title EP nation wide.

In the spring of 2004, JAW refocused their attention on writing new material. Meticulously they picked apart every note, every section, and every transition until they were satisfied with the end results. In June of 2005 JAW entered The Space Behind A Garage Studios in Winnipeg, Manitoba with producer/engineer Rob Shallcross (Strapping Young Lad, Gwar, Townsend Band, Darkest Hour, Threat Signal) to record their first full length, ‘Swings Humans’. ‘Swings Humans’ is brutality and peace conveyed through movements, from the grandeur of its mountaintops to the voids of its valleys. Soulful, poetic, graceful and mighty, JAW’s ‘Swings Humans’ reinvents what metal is and can be.

Released on June 24th 2006, ‘Swings Humans’ immediately received tremendous amounts of both fan and critical acclaim, selling almost a thousand copies in less than two months. The band’s press and Internet profiles both continue to grow immensely. Now JAW prepares to cast the stone that brings down our worlds goliaths. IT BEGINS.

JAW isn't just a band you hear, it is a state of mind that you embrace, a source of inner strength that devastates.

“I choose to fly past the angst that hold me down and shatter the binds that clasps my wings” - JAW


The Slave

Written By: JAW

Liar Lair’s laughing while blue bleeds, happy
Lining up to breed? Weaklings
Your insides are outside can’t you see?
No I’m laughing while blue bleeds so happy

Where’s my mind Liar Lair?
Cloned, Mind Massacred, Shaped by plaster
Fear disaster and pray for time
As I plead for freedom from me

Now watch meek children cry
Come and try…does weakness imply parental infanticide?

Know I’d rather…hear the pitter-patter
But instead I gather and run

Watch it run
Watch it run

Watch it raise the slave

The Slave

The Liars Truth

Written By: JAW

I blame everybody but me
I’m such a fucking coward
So little time and yet I waste my life
Come on and waste your life I do
Come on and waste your life

I heard it but my brain gets no light
I have no insight
I’m weak and can’t fight
What should I do?

Mimic behaviours they’re desired by these crops of failures

So many questions to ask of you
Will you lie like always or tell the truth
Is she my mother?
Is she my father?
Or is she my sister?

I know nothing
Because everything is something
That’s lying while receiving deceiving
But I’m still listening to whispered insisting, lying relieving, truth bereaving
Is she my mother?
Is she my father?
Or is she my sister?

No, she’s my (son)
She’s my fucking son!

Of Kings ans Pawns

Written By: JAW

Don’t leave me, know I fall
Don’t cheat me, bad lucks following me
No praying for me
I’ve been waiting so long
Poking me while losing and folding
Now they’re winning, gloating
Don’t look at me holding on

I crown myself?
Crown yourself fool
They captured you with lies

Empower something, then that something drools
Obsessed by thrusting
Obsessed and cruel
Devoured something, then that something bloomed
Then I stopped the faking of love inside
That love is doomed

Fly what am I waiting for?
Why live life through envy?
I keep asking what am I craving for?

Wasting, wasting my mind
Swallowing, swallowing my tongue

Why can’t you love me for me?
Why can I not stand myself?
Why must you leave when I need?
Why I ask you? Why?

Because you found yourself
I found myself?
Fool they captured you with lies

No! I’m something that’s devised and crumbling?
Cure me


JAW- Self Titled EP (2002)
JAW -Swings Humans LP (2006)

Set List

Typical set List(set varies with performance)


Sets are usually 45 minutes, but we are able to play and hour to an hour and a half, all orignal material