Jaxonville (Funky Country Pop/Rock/Folk Music you really want to hear more of!!)a bit of everything funky modern country.


Rachael and Rebecca (Twin Sisters) from Brisbane, Australia,have spent their young lives pursuing their musical dreams, doing the hard yards of the well-worn country music and contemporary talent quests which run from Newcastle to far north Queensland.The duet are versatile in the music they sing and play. Jaxonville consist of Rebecca (violin, mandolin, guitar Vocals), (Rachael Rhythm Guitar and Vocals). Two gifted individuals who take vocal harmony to new heights. This has always been considered meant to be and it seems like forever as the girls have been writing songs and performing together since an early age.They are well accomplished songwriters and have performed their own songs at many established venues over the past few years. They are also very talented individual vocalists as well as a duet act, well known for their harmonies. Music has been a lifetime event and individually each vocalist shines but with their combined voices is nothing short of dazzling! Their recent performances and achievements have been: 2006 April/May Caboolture Urban Country Music Festival January Tamworth Family Hotel 2005 December Lord Mayors Golden Casket-Channel 7 Xmas Carols at the River Stage in December 2005 in front of audience of 50,000 a very memorable moment for them. Redlands Xmas Carols-Cleveland in front of audience of 15000. Starlight Foundation performed as a group with younger sister in the Starlight Room, South Brisbane. September Mayor Variety Spectacular-Redlands Fundraising Event held annually, well recognised events with top acts August GYMPIE MUSTER Muster Club performed as Duet with some three part harmony with younger sister. Crowbar-Rebecca played fiddle for the group Jonahs Road July REDLAND BLUEGRASS CONVENTION Jaxonville performed at the Friday night concert. April Ipswich Festival Country Music Night Tamworth January 2005 ABC Trailer Bi-Centennial Park were the only new act invited for an interview and live performance to be broadcasted direct to air on ABC/New England alongside very talented artists and bands on the same stage as Felicity, Beccy Cole, Brendan Walmsley, The Flood. This was an extremely exciting performance for the girls. The Pub Davidson Bros Concert Jaxonville performed in guest spot with Hamish and Lachlan, with Travis Collins, Tom Curtin on both of their Friday night gigs. The Family Hotel Jaxonville performed with younger sister Andrea in a three part harmony. Musical Highlights of 2004 As well as the above the Jaxonville have performed at the Qld Art Gallery Opening Night for Art, Convention Centre- Opening for Education Week, Opening the Swimming Championship with the National Anthem which was held at Chandler Aquatic Centre. *2006 Nescafe Big Break semi-finalist,Top 100 In Country and Pop at The Annual 2006 Music OZ Awards held at Enmore Theatre,Sydney,Finalist in the 2006 16th Annual L.A Indie Music Awards held at Kodak Theatre USA, The Top Finalist in the "Country Category" 2006 Annual Q Song Music Awards. Jaxonville are very experienced in stage presentation and performance skills and their overall act is very lively and their ability to engage the audience with their performance, they have been described as not only singers/instrumentalists but also Entertainers with harmonies that can only be achieved by being sisters.


Jaxonville currently has an Independently released e.p out consisting of their original songs self tittled Jaxonville.

Set List

Jaxonville set list consists of orginals song and covers songs and they also feature their younger sister Andrea and perform as a group.