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Jay Fish

Paris, Texas, United States

Paris, Texas, United States
Solo Hip Hop Hip Hop




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Jarvis Fisher, A.K.A Fish Boya, is an up and coming local artist from Paris, Texas. He came up with the stage name of Jay Fish because he was widely known throughout his hometown as Jay Fish, which is a "shorter" version of his "government name". After starting to take music a little more seriously he began to go by the stage name Fish Boya gave to hime by a friend and business partner Reddii Yola .He was raised in a family that has a lengthy experience in the musical industry and he was first interested in playing the drums as a young child. This further evolved his awareness in the instrumental elements of the current mainstream music. His older cousin Ron Fisher took the time out to assist Fish Boya in learning how to play the drums properly until he was able to be a member of the school band. Ervin Gray, A.K.A Mistah Chopper, taught Jay Fish how to use the F.L Studio Program and from there they went on to do several collaborations, mix-tapes, and video shoots. The love for the instrumental aspect of music was mainly derived from his family mentor Mistah Chopper and mainstream artist Mannie Fresh. “Off the muscle I feel Mannie Fresh is my biggest influence on the Hip-Hop industry, the way he would make the strings and base lines of his music blend was like a ghetto classical to me,” direct quote from Jay Fish. His main motivation, family wise, would be his late mother Darlene Lane. “She would always encourage him to follow his dreams no matter how hard the “work” process would be and that he should always pursue his dreams with his whole heart.” Through all the instrumental interests Jay Fish picked up rapping as a hobby until he was noticed by a local group called “S.C.S, short for So Clean Stunnas.” At that point, he knew the music industry was for him in several different ways, whether it be beats, production, or lyrically. Jay Fish went to Southern Arkansas University for a short period of time to pursue a major in Digital Media Production, while there he cliqued up with Mob Squad Hawks. While with Mob Squad Jarvis Jay Fish recorded an estimated two hundred and fifty songs, and went on to do several live performances throughout Arkansas. 
Jay Fish has performed alongside several local groups in Texas, Arkansas, and Louisiana. However, after the passing of his mother in 2009, he took a break from his musical dreams to focus on raising a family. After, his decision to become a family man the strong urge to get back out there wouldn’t leave his mind. “I felt like something was still missing,” says Jay Fish, “which was my music”. In late 2011 he had completed his thoughts of where he wanted to go and how he wanted to put his plans in action. “In January 2012 it was on.” He began recording tracks for his upcoming mix-tape “The Return of Jay Fish” that featured several local artists including, Mistah Chopper, MMJ, S.D, Queen K, Devin Malicoat, and Stuntman. The Return of Jay Fish was co-produced by DJ Vargo of Vargo Productions. Fish Boya is currently working on yet another mix-tape entitled Eat or Starve with an anticipated release date between November and December of 2012. He is also working on an album entitled Thought and Troubles with an anticipated release date in the spring of 2013. His mix-tapes and albums will be available on Reverbernation, ITunes, as well as, hard copies. 
“ I feel that todays’ music industry lacks originality, everybody feeds off of other artists, I feel I’m nicer than a lot of people even a lot of artists, simply because I feel that I’m original and I try to create a different feel, a different sound, and I keep it 100.” One thing Fish Boya  has yet to do is limit himself to just one specific genre; he enjoys all types of music. Although, music plays a major role in his life, he also remains a father first. He would love to pursue music full time but at this current point in his life his children will come first. “Until I get my shot these Cracker Jack jobs will have to do so my babies can eat. As dope as I feel I am my kids can’t eat flows.”

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