Jay 14:5

Jay 14:5

 New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

I am a sound track creator and producer. The music fits any category, culture and class. If I don't already have a track that you are looking for then I can create it to your specification.


My name is Jay 14:5 .I'm 23 years young, and I currently reside in the metro area of New Orleans,LA My name comes from a friend when has told me that my protector is 14:5. Since then I keep it close to me. I'm an up and coming music producer. I was born and raised in the upper 9th ward of New Orleans LA. I come from a family of singers My older brother inspired me to start playing the piano at the age of four. I was at a children day Church program for an instrumental. That is when I found my calling and passion for the love of music.


I Have wrote and produces hundreds of tracks. You can hear some of them on the website of LA TEL Models, Inc. The site is latelmodelsinc.com You can hear it as you open the site and more when you click on to the "Music/Voices" menu.