Jay Azz

Jay Azz

 Royal Oak, Michigan, USA

If you don't hire us, you're going to jail. See below for "elevator pitch," which is probably the same as in all casinos, namely, concert "C." We can't be described in only 300 characters; we needed 605 (with spaces). We improvised one of the enclosed songs in its entirety and only made one goof.


Genre-transverse saxophonist and electronic wind instrumentist (EWI) compounds modern Jay Azz with diverse stylistic components scientifically designed to rid listeners of robot-induced drum machine patterns, auto-tuned melody and boring harmonic choices. This ensemblage is virtually guaranteed to expose audience members to various devices of musical interplay without resort to either Hendrix or Coltrane-Bird licks, horrific, scale-running displays of chop gamesmanship or esoteric, narcissistic musical nonsense. Each member boasts non-routine instrumental ability, the usual assortment of "I've played with so-and-so famous musician or band" resume filler credentials (and you, gentle listener, should be seriously impressed by such matters), and general, all-around niceness.


We fully intend to be the first Jay Azz act hired to record for Simon. Until then, we'll sell you a CD for ten bucks plus S&H. Shoot us an email here!

Set List

Since we're an Jay Azz band, we don't use a "set list." We don't even know what we are going to play until we play it. Sometimes, we don't know what we played even after we played it....