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"Fresh Video& Exclusive Interview -Jay Beretta "Upper Echelon""

Musiz Ave: What sets you apart as an artist, from everyone else???

Jay Beretta: My story can only be told by me figuratively and literally, because it has only been lived by me that's what sets me apart.

Musiz Ave:Top 5 greatest rap albums ???

Jay Beretta:In no specific order: Nas-(Stillmatic) Jay-Z-(Reasonable Doubt) Notorious B.I.G.-(Ready To Die) Tupac-(All Eyez On Me) DMX-(It's Dark & Hell Is Hot )

Musiz Ave: Where do you feel Hip-Hop is right now??? Is it thriving or dying??

Jay Beretta: I feel that Hip-Hop is right where it wants to be at this time. Music is a universal language expressed differently everywhere. So we can't expect music to stay the same when music is ever changing.

Musiz Ave: What is your 5-year game plan as an artist where do you see yourself at??

Jay Beretta: In 5 years I see myself somewhere giving 200% to my craft. There is no set plan, just preparation and when that meets opportunity,I'm sure you know the rest.

Musiz Ave: Any artist you want to work with in the future???

Jay Beretta: I want to work with every artist that is dedicated entirely to what they do. I would love to get in with Nipsey Hussle though, I rock with dog music heavy.

For more info on Jay Beretta follow him on twitter @JayBeretta!!!! Thank you so much for the interview!!!! - Musiz Ave

"Jay Beretta "Target Practice""

Behind the scenes of the Upper Echelon video shoot Day 1 - Alius Magazine


Who are you?
A young boy from Detroit. I’m 18. I love music, any type of music really. Not just rap. I just have a passion for music and ever since I was young I knew it was what I wanted to do.
Describe your style as an artist.
Passion. Everything I do pretty much, even when it’s my entertaining music where the lyrics really don’t mean too much but are really just for the party, all of those are passionate. So that’s how I would explain my style, just passionate.
What sets you apart?
When you hear my music you’re actually hearing me. What you hear is what I feel. It’s just a picture and a portrayal of everyday life for me because it’s the only way that I know how to keep myself sane, just depict what I’ve seen. Pretty much every song is a journal for me. That’s what sets me apart from everybody else. It’s actuality, it’s real. It’s a human being with feelings.
What is hip hop missing?
Hip hop is just missing the realness. I mean everything with hip hop right now is so focused on money and ‘how you gonna sell this’ and ‘what you gon do with this’ and promotions. It’s just not real no more. It needs to get back to the basics of that real passion, having fun with the music. Just take it back to where it once was instead of where it’s at now where it’s so commercial.
What can we expect from you in the future?
Well I just dropped my mixtape and that’s hosted by DJ TJ da King. I’m dropping “Cuffin Season” which is my mixtape for females directly and that will be in about a month or two. After that everything else is gonna be major, BIG. Expect the world from me.
Why are you an artist who deserves to Be Heard?
Any artist deserves to be heard but me particularly because I really have something to say to the world with my music. I know that I’m young but I definitely feel like it’s a bigger meaning behind Jay Beretta and behind anything that is Jay Beretta. There’s something that needs to be said and people need to listen. - Edge Magazine

"Jay Beretta "Target Practice""

Its finally here! The long awaited return of Upper Echelon’s marquee recording artist Jay Beretta. I was first introduced to a younger Jay’s music following a strong promo campaign for a mixtape released in his senior year of highschool featuring music peers and tastemakers around Michigan on video, twitter & facebook simply stating “I Endorse Jay Beretta.” However with the strong crop of Detroit MC’s at the time (2008-09ish) I’d be lying to say I was a big supporter. That all changed about a year ago following the release of The RLES Society General Young Scolla’s album “Seconds Away” release party at the prestigious “Shelter” inside St. Andrews.
During a routine soundcheck, as a host of artists mingled, shared laughs and awaited their turn at a quick rehearsal of their sets and there is Jay at the DJ booth. He appears calm, laid back, yet more serious in demeanor than everyone else in attendance. Realizing I hadn’t seen or heard from him since his highschool years, I just credited it to him coming of age. Surprisingly, the moment the beat drops and Jay began reciting lyrics, my justification of his unfamiliar persona was no longer in question. I caught chills instantly; something I had only experienced from great vocalists in church and outstanding live athletic performances. At that moment, I knew Jay Beretta was something serious… a presence that would one day be felt by the entire hip hop world.
It is with great pleasure that I introduce Jay Beretta’s newest body of work “Target Practice” hosted by DJBJ. Enjoy! - Rahn Devri of The Goodie Bag Blog


17 Shots: The Mixtape
Countdown 2 Takeoff "C2T"
Life Behind Bars EP
Target Practice



Growing up in Detroit, Jay Beretta is no stranger to life on either side of the now world-famous, economically and racially segregating 8 Mile Road. Born, raised and still residing on West 7 Mile Road, he managed to receive a suburban education. Armed with street knowledge that is an indispensable attribute in Detroit and a formal education that is coveted throughout the world, Jay Beretta has acquired wisdom beyond his years. His diverse background has allowed him to become the budding creative genius, Jay Beretta. Setting himself apart from his peers, he exudes the persona of a businessman, precisely expressing that he is Ready.

Some may automatically associate violence and danger with the pulsing emcee due to his origin, however his mission and lyrics promote the opposite of what his name implies. The metaphor behind the name exemplifies the man behind bars not literally but verbally. Metaphorically speaking, he is the man behind his words and lyrics. His lyrics contain excruciating consequences when free styling but the credible emcee can express any emotion with the same firebomb style. All in all, there's no harm to anyone but the emcee's paper with his pencil as his number one weapon. His brand promotes HOW he expresses not WHAT he expresses, while his music leaves a mind-full splatter, and his words create a thoughtful impact.

Beretta's lyrical stamina was founded at the tender age of eight years old. He discovered that he had a talent for rapping while playing "pass the mic" with an older group of friends. They refused to let him play, but, when the mic was dropped in front of young Jay, passing it was not an option. The rest is 'history'. He fired his first round of freestyles and has been a lyrical sharp shooter ever since. Beretta began to display his passion for music early on. By the age of 14, Jay Beretta had an arsenal of lyrics, which contained over 300 unrecorded songs in his spiral notebook. After Beretta progressed to the studio, he found a new home to store what the world will soon know to be as classics.

Now, at the young age of twenty, he has already been compared to the likes of Nas, Jay-Z, and Lil' Wayne. When asked about being compared to these rappers he says, "Who wouldn't feel honored to be compared to some of the greatest rappers alive? I am heavily influenced by the longevity and successful careers of artists like Weezy, Jigga and Nas. But, my style is my own."

Beretta has managed to work alongside major industry producers, Boi 1da, DJ Toomp, Rico Law, and does not plan to stop there. When asked about his future endeavors, Jay Beretta responded, "I've rocked the North, I've rocked the South, the East Coast and the West Coast. Now, I'm ready to rock the world. Enough of these nightclubs, I'm ready for the Garden." Jay Beretta has worked with producers around the country and hopes to one day work with D.J. Quik, Kanye West, 9th Wonder, Jermaine Dupri, just to name a few. On working with producers he says, "The people that I'm working with now (Write Time Music and NOSPEAKERZ) fit me perfectly. My music is already creating a buzz. But there are so many talented producers out there, I want an opportunity to work with everybody." Jay Beretta feels that he is the perfect accessory to any producer who can aggrandize his already remarkable talent.

Currently, the emcee is working on his 2012 release of his EP meanwhile dropping mix songs of his favorite industry beats. With his powerful stage presence, he leaves his audience satisfied, yet wanting more while demanding their attention all in one. Beretta's passion for music, determination to succeed, and outstanding support system drives him to continuous progression. His recent work 'Life Behind Bars, A Rough Road to the Stars, Countdown to Take Off mixtape were extreme buzz builders for the emcee landing him gigs all throughout Detroit as well as Chicago and Indiana while touring with platinum recording artist Obie Trice. 17 Shots, marked a strong start, Jay notes this as a "learning experience." The "17 Shots" were heard and the one-man army gained a following and a team. Today, Jay Beretta is working with Upper Echelon Management an artist management firm based out of Birmingham, MI, and many more to help advance the Jay Beretta movement.