Miami, Florida, USA

Jay's presence will blow you away. He will make you love the blues. His heartfelt, deep, grity vocals and guitar riffs, have moved and touched people as far as California, Texas, Memphis, Chicago, New Orleans, to Austrialia, Bueno Aries, England, Italy, Russia, and Costa Rica, Austrailia as well


Jay Blue Band

Jay Blue - Lead Vocals/Guitar

If you have never heard Jay Blue, you are in a for a show. Jay performs with such a high level of energy from the first note to the last. His guitar prow less will draw you in and you will feel every riff. Jay has a vocal style and appeal all his own. His sound is a cross between an old smoker of two packs a day and a gritty sounding person in a juke joint intent on getting his point across. Listening to Jay after jsut a few songs, the more popular songs, you’ll clearly hear, see, and feel, raw emotion, and a performance the is so energetic and emotioanally charged, you wont wanna sit.

Jay’s performances can go from deep, soulful, blue’s with his guitar licks and vocals, to an explosion of guitar riffs and vocals that will make you feel as if you were who the songs was for.

Jay was first introduced to the blues by a friend who had the CD called “The Healer” by John Lee Hooker. With that seed already planted, but still not playing, Jay met a friend, who played guitar, and encouraged Jay to do it. After months, Jay gave it a shot. After learning a few basic chords, Jay grabbed the guitar, ran with it, and never looked back.

Jay’s musical influences that have shaped Jay’s musical journey include the likes of Jonny Lang, Buddy Guy, Luther Allison, Albert King, Albert Collins, Eric Clapton, Robert Cray, Stevie Ray Vaughn, B.B. King, Freddy King, Albert King, Johnny Copeland and Shemika Copeland, John Lee Hooker, Tony Z, Marc Broussard, John Bonamassa, Johnny Copeland, Robert Cray Band, Robert Johnson, Allman Brothers, Susan Tedeschi, Derek Trucks, Shannon Curfman, Joh Mayer and one of his biggest is Stevie Wonder.The deep, gritty, blues filled voice of Jay Blue and his soul touching guitars riffs,and bluesy licks, fills, and chops are unmatched. The Band brings their version of The Blues/Rock to the forefront of audiences that have found a new appreciation for music. Take a look at the link.


The Jay Blue Band has taken Florida, and the rest of U.S., and even venues overseas, by storm and has played multiple venues in south Florida. References of the many venues in South Florida include: National St. Lucia Jazz Fest. Jazz In The Square, Hurricane, Lazy Daze Music Festival in North Carolina, Lake Arrowhead Concert Series in California, The Tunes, The National 2010 Orange Bowl Pre-Game, The Festival On The Mile of Coral Gables, Underground Bluz Bar in Orlando, Fl., Taste Of Tamarac Festival, The Bar, Gordon Biersch, Miami Music Festival, Stage 84, Starbucks Coffee shops, Rosy Baby’s, Vintage Music Hall, Jazid on South Beach, Titanic Brewery, Sheeba’s, Tobacco Road, John Martin’s Irish Pub, The Fresh Aroma Coffee bar, Dux Lounge, Shooting Star, A1A Dive Bar, Irishmen, Pontunes Tiki bar, The Wishing Well, Peggy O'Neils, Ozona Blue, Thirsty Marlin, Big Gunz, Hobbit Hoagies, Maxine’s, Taco Beach Shack, Terminal Tunes, Del Ray Beach Garlic Festival, City of Tamarac Music Festival, Mission Tobacco Lounge, in California, Patricks II in California, Crabby Bills In Clearwater, Fl. Fruit & Spice Park Blues Festival, Federation Blues Festival. Sakaya’s. The Shooting Star, Tampa Bay Black Heritage Festival, Holligan's, Dunellon Music Festival, Mission Tobacco Lounge are just to name a few.

The Band has performed at multiple events and venues in the U.S. and over seas including special events, music festivals, live radio shows, along with having been booked as an opening act or the featured band at these performance events.

Contact Information:

Jay Blue
Office - 954-821-9705
Mobile- 954-821-9705

Jay Blue's Band:
Jay Blue Lead Vocals, Lead Guitar

website: http://www.jaybluesband.com

As well, you can follow them on Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter.


Their CD Released in 2010 entitled "Lost" It is avaliable on tunecore, Itunes, and Amazon.com, as well as CD baby. All the tracks can be streamed and listened to. The disk has been featured in Mississippi, Inidiana, California, Chicago, St. Lucia, Jamaica, Bahamas, Buenos Aries, Austrialia, Japan, England, Ireland, California, Chicago, North Carolina, and Florida. Here is a streaming video for your viewing. The disk has sold over 3,000 copies as of end of 2011.


Set List

The bands set list covers a wide range of original music as well as different artist covers: “Crossroads“, “Mannish Boy“, “How Blue Can You Get“, “Superstitious“, “Don‘t Get Me Started Talking“, “Have A Talk With God”, All The Kings Horses“ “Cross Road Blue“, “Don’t Get Me Started talking” Angel Of Mercy”, “Mustang Sally”, Damn Right I got The Blue’s”, Five Long Years”, "Thrill Has Gone", "Leave My Little Girl Alone", "Serve Somebody", "Bad Love", "Cherry Red Wine", “Superstition“, "Midnight Train", "How Blue Can You Get", "Ain’t No Sunshine", "Old Love", House Of The Rising Sun”, Mistreated’, just to name a few. Original music includes songs such as "One Day", "Lost", "Do You Believe in That", and "Don’t Turn Around", Mr. Otis” The Truth”, Count Your Blessings”, “Yall Know I Love My Baby”, are just a part of what the Band performs.