Jay B

Jay B

 Lansing, Michigan, USA
BandHip HopAcoustic

I am An Artist willing to do what it takes to change the lives of the less fortunate thru inspiring hip hop music


My Name Is Jay B. I am 23 years old and live in Bloomfield hills, MI. I was raised by my 2 lesbian Parents and grew up with 2 brothers and one sister.
i went to public schools which in our white-dominate town, always had a bad name. Not counting adolescent sillyness, My parents did a pretty good job steering me out of harms way.
the few times harms' was the only way, we could only blame what we didn't know.
Until i was 9 i lived in detroit on 7 mile and blackstone, ALL black. 98 percent of my life here was spent locked in my bedroom on a urine filled mattress with my brother. we shared the upstairs of this house with our sister and step- sister. the other 2% of that 100 was either spent eating cornflakes and warm water, or at the doctors.
Our parents didn't love us. or they had a weird way of showing it. after 9 years of abuse and neglect, and beatings, we were taken from this home and Me my cousin and brother moved to lansing where we were (eventually) adopted by 2 white lesbians. about 1 year later we also welcomed our cousins sister to the family (2 brothers one sister). this is like reading the back of a book cover. i guess if you wanna know more listen to some stuff. Jaybnation.com


Picture perfect love

Written By: Jay B

Picture perfect love

You make my heart beat fast
when you move in slow motion
im tryina get up on that ass
my honesty is a must
excuse my hands if they grab is my bad boy too rough?
turn on pretty boi swag and she melts, angel dust

we’d have love like the movies picture perfect love,
but you play like a video game

Behind the crowd i was slammed
but i saw that pretty face
its time i be a man so im headed your way
and when ish hits the fans all i really gotta say is baby girl here i stand,
she melts, parkay

I want to change yo name
make you mine
change yo colors
make you shine
tell yo man, kick it to the left
and ill tell my grl she can kick it to the right
forget last night
tomorrow night won’t matter girl unless you stayin the night
if you decline,
im sure ill find some one more willing to occupy your time

i need a bed, i love the way you lie thru yo teeth keep ya eyes and ya ears on me girl you’ll be fine
ill take you back to the future but you probably get lost in time.
i apologize weak niggas say the beats too fast so thats why they cant touch this guy,
im in a rush to get high so i take my cloud to neptune, everybody stand bye

Something New

Written By: Jay B

Something New

Growin up she had all kinds of problems of her own
Not ur average American teen hell no
Had to hold it all in couldn’t let no one know
She was different, magnificent
Yet in a shadow

Of a world, that shines bright but so shallow
on the surface so perfect so natural
but deep down colder than February snow
but everywhere she go its like her they don’t know

shes like I just wanna be the one to shine like the sun
but she plays in the dark in her party for one
and to them this could never be no fun
but she knows deep down in the end, she’ll have them on the run
so I told her in a voice that made me feel omniscient
I been to a place where its ok to be different
any little, every little thing that you’re feeling
can be felt in an entirely new dimension
oh did I mention im standing in the kitchen
dishin up this food for thought bound to be delicious

Can you look me in the eyes
and tell me you don't love me
i know you tried
this love could never ever be a was thing
i know you hide
but girl im thinkin maybe this could be the start of something new

starin at the clock wonderin why my heart stops every time every time i think of you
i cant even breathe when you get next to me
and i wanna get wanna get next to you
when you come to the room i can barely move
girl do you feel the way i do, the way i do

starin at the clock wonderin why my heart stops
every time every time you're by my side
everyone stop stop stares wonders where did i get such a beautiful prize i dont wanna gloat i just want the world to know that i dont wanna let you go, dont wanna let you go

but im reminded still as the days go everyone holdin hands i am alone, i am wonderin how could love be so cold

i don't want to wait another day to be caught up in your love warming embrace i just want you to want to stay the night with me


Written By: Jay B


On the road less travelled, i do not walk alone
we travel in packs every where that we go
i say meet me in the clouds
by that i mean the smoke if you lookin for these kids
look for the clones

ill give you some time so you slow ppl catch on
my mind will do wonders to your oh so fragil dome
i walk in kick the shoes by the door suddenly there is a party ok everyone on board
i got ppl everywhere, hands in the air i can’t count em but i doubt itll matter once i leave here
too shallow for my shoes im too deep for these foos’ i do what i gotta do just to get to the moon

don’t steal it please man the kid sounds like something we heard right great adventures of a nigga tryna get a klondike
basically the sound might, penetrate ya hindsite
but im the only one on the planet so its all mine

theres a party on neptune
im leavin tonight in my space suit
i will leave this world behind.

Laughing oh so lovely now i dnt trip because i own this and every other town
cuz im left handed everythings a lil backwards now
so when i say ill see you around, ill see you around

tonight there is gonna be nothing dangerous sometimes venus calls, she wants to hang wit us
not returnin calls really aint no thang to us cuz we left it all right b4 we boarded the space bus
time was of the essance,essance was herbal
that made herbal time 4:20 color purple
up in the blood, fluid like this love, tho sometimes covered up lost like the glove
that didnt leave the hand
lost in plain site
OJ gotta way so tonight i write
Kels Gotta way so tonight i fly
and since Kobe Gotta way its always game time on neptune

all i see are lines in everything you write i make it as i go so every songs mine
i could sacrifice a ryme gimme space, time
all i really need is a stage frame and a mic
i got pretty boi swag, a bad boi mentality
i never let another nigga get mad at me
there aint too many ppl in the world id rather be than me
cuz im way more than you could ever fathom me to be
baggy sweats rockin wrong team really don’t care
i never leave the house without my fly boi hair i stay fly like o’hare
busy over there
cuz when i make it rain im bringin here everywhere
cant handle my swag you wanna stop and stare, im stingy wit my stuff
thats my chair.
windex on the glass
i gotta make it clear, b4 you face this boss, practice in the mirror

I need you to stay

Written By: Jay B

I need You to stay

You let me in, ima go in first prolly bout to go and spit the illest verse
im sick to the stomache, someone call the nurse,
stop playin man the kids fresher than new dirt
i rock, no Xpecta on the shirt
ones crispier than bark that you’ll find on a birch
you like, how he get like this is it church?
id like to think i been this way since my day of birth

its not typical i make a song about me and its you who gave me drive to be who i wanna be so when i look in the future mirror i see
ya face ya name ya prescence still shining which means
tho you wanna go you prolly shouldnt leave untill you give me a chance to prove these things
so when, you pack ya bags and you start to leave i get down on my hands and my bended knee

i know you wanna leave, but i need you to stay

on second thought we can flip it turn the shoes around make the picture lil clearer change the rules around
suddenly im sittin right where you used to now. funny how im so clever when i figure it out.
such a vacae but you were always used to clouds and ya stand stills were really just revolve arounds and for so long at the top life has halted now where do you shoot to when the only place to look is down

im still here, which mean im in it 2 win
but prolly tired of hearin that old this again
livin day by day off imaginin
wondering when thatll become that already happened
every voice i hear is so raspy when
i try to drown it out it comes back ash in the wind
i get what i want why not grab for the 10
im creaam of the crop when the fields ruined

Outta This World

Written By: Jay B

Outta This World

Mic Check One, Two
is this thing on?
i feel like its too loud and it screetches in the middle of the song
i try to play it off
it feels so wrong
im an expert when i take my time
No im not ya stereotypical Black Guy
as far as you know, im just like the next Guy
so i take the time just to open up your eyes so you see me thru the smog you have idealized

You twisted like a buscuit
from that lil bitty midget
where if you poke him in the belly he will say...
what is it? uh.
take a breath, minty fresh
matter of fact, take it again
when i go in, itll take everything in me to hold it all in

i sit on my cloud way up in the sky
where it almost seems they cant touch this guy eventually
my plane falls out of the skyu i will head thru the clouds neptune stand bye
whats that mean, nonsense? you wanna know why?
the worlds got me colder than a polarbear hive
on the planet where ppl should all jump and jive we got lil people killin, lil people dying

who am i to say what i like
just a lil bitty nigga in a world so big fightin hands that provide
wanna know what its like to bump and grind on the walls so cold
your own breath hides
you try to wipe it off see the writing on the walls but its plain written all over every stall
i see your filthy eyes, your judgemental sighs
but i brush it off cuz i know what a pimp feels like

i make this known, this for you
for everything you put me thru
the more that i know, the more it proves
you played these strings like a violinist do
i hope you know im way better cuz of you
a way fresher getter sharper than a gensu
and when i stab these words bleed thru but no finger prints to persue

i could get away to, we all knew
but the man always said that we didnt have proof,
but i guess thats still a too real chapter in this book to get into

mark my words we could never forget and when yo time in the life book is spent
ill ripp out every page from start to finish so its like u never exist-ed
i see you walkin you trippin the next time i see you you limpin,
the good in me will pick u up just to see you fall again relentless
dont tell me im too loud listen
this is a story that y’all been missin
cuz the truth it stings so you cover it up like a bandaid on a raw incision
yea dawg,
how you like his free-style now, they say the one he did to love the way you lie was too loud
i tell these haters please look at me now
you see me carin bout you like horse cares about his bowels
ima grown man so i wipe me down blend in with the rest of the crowd
it don’t take time till im leader of the pack and in fact
we do run this town
matter of fact Em help me pick em up turn em upside down
cuz we smart enough to make em like us every child will be nodding there heads
stomping their feet this the realest thing anyone has heard in awhile
i do it all just so i can see her smile
so no matter where i end up i will see her around
NoXp we out this world and y’all still stand on the ground

What's Left of Me

Written By: Jay B

When all is said and done, take whats left of me.

Man i swear this kid yea he can do it all
anything and everything ive done i have done by myself and though it has put me in a stall
all by myself on an island on another world that is not planet earth i crawl
back thru the solar system so i could maybe get to where every one is but these
seem so bright destiny made it be i should be one of them don’t let me fall.
and i try, no suicide, this kid dies
no tears in my eyes but i’ve cryed
hold on i lie, awake at night
wondering why?
im down on my knees yes im prayin to the skys askin God what the fuck is goin on with this guy
yes i do swear i apologize maybe you can understand how im feeling inside

A silent scream, i scream for help and i cant even hear and its come from myself
though i walk alone i am touchin every single thing i see i am so loud im knockin everything off the shelves
like a peach in july heat yes i gotta stay fresh and tho i bruise easy be delicate
im scream to the coach man take me off the bench and i get in the game and i scream this to the refs.

always, when i hit the club,
squenty eyes, no thug
since im black, they be checkin me
so im checkin back
i said i rope em in, no strings attached
get em up, i shut em down
when i get em up, you never come around,
i guess that means that this dream wants me to chase it and my life won’t be like yours


Party On Neptune
-Outta this World
-I need you to stay
-Picture perfect Love
-Something New
-What's Left Of Me
-Never Fall (radio airplay on 97.5 lansing MI)

Set List

Acoustic set
I can Take You there
When You Fall Down
Vanishing Act
Something New
Live, Love, Be Loved
Nothin without you

kYdNation/Regular set
What's My Name
One More round
Born to fly
Picture perfect love
Something New
How to love
I want you
Gifted Child
Never Fall