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"Rebirth Album Review"


………the injured bird falls from the sky, endures pain, nurses its own wounds, begins to heal and prepares to take flight again…..

Rebirth chronicles the Death and Resurrection in the life of 56 y. o. songwriter H. Jay Carney during a painful period of crisis. Under the influence of grief, guilt, regret, remorse, profound sorrow and newfound sobriety following decades of accelerating alcohol dependency and a traumatic life experience, songs like "2 pts penance", "Adrenalin Rush" and "The Human Race" arose from the ashes. Filled with devils and demons, addictions and reconstructions, angels and lost love, sins, treasure chests and rapid rem delights, this collection of first-time original work flushes out the pain of sin mixed with the sometimes hauntingly beautiful sighs of guilty acceptance, as in "Surprise Me With Some Truth", then showing the promise of moving on to the future as in “Slipping Through the Cracks of Space & Time”. Loneliness, the struggle for forgiveness and recognition of the universe sending messages through “Guardian Angels" form the recurring themes of Rebirth. It’s all about the lyrics and about opening senses wide to recognize when messages are being sent. Stubborn denial and resistance to the magic of what connects us all precedes Rebirth, and these lyrics swim in first time awakening to new potential.

The entire album is available at www.songslide.com under HJay Carney.
- Angels & Demons


see www.broadjam.com/hjaycarney



“I have never heard a more involved, witty, politically humorous, and emotionally-tuned individual in my life. Jay writes material that will not only make you think, but pushes the boundaries of nearly every genre he dabbles in. Amazing versatility, a genuine contribution to any musical community, I'll stand by his work any day." -Nathaniel Jones, Archive Productions 7-20-10

“Jay Carney is one of those rare writers who truly lives or has lived what he writes. He possesses a level of passion and enthusiasm in his compositions that I have never seen in my 30 + years in the music business. His lyrics often encompass powerful poetry along with psychic depth that defines his writings in a unique and fascinating way. Other times, he is witty in a way that challenges the listener to think. It has been my pleasure to complete a number of compositions with Jay that I feel are as great, as compelling and as emotionally deep as anything I have ever written.” -Rick Chudacoff-Producer 11-20-10

“Jay Carney doesn't write words, he marries them to the melody of the song. He is a master of synchronizing the soul of a lyric to the groove and feel of a composition. As this book clearly demonstrates, his lyrics can stand alone without any melodic support as well. It is apparent that he writes from his own journey, but has an uncanny way of making listeners feel as if he was writing about theirs. After reading this book, the sheer volume of content reminds me of his inexhaustible work ethic and the pure quality of how each verse reveals his natural gift.” -Roy Elkin, Founder, Broadjam.com, 11-22-10

H. Jay Carney speaks to universal truths exploring the human condition. His catalog of 500+ songs spans multi-genres with heaviest concentrations in rock, country, pop, jazz & electronic. His recorded work is available at broadjam.com/hjaycarney where 30 songs have been voted into the Top 10 by fellow artists. His song 2 pts penance is included in the edgy feature film Rotkappchen: The Blood of Red Riding Hood. His 1st Pl Lyric Writing Contest finish in We Are Listening, 4th Qtr 2009 for Marionette's Parade led to a collaboration of Soul on Strings co-written with hit Nashville songwriters Pat & Pete Luboff. American Songwriter Magazine's Mar/Apr 2010 edition named Testify for honorable mention/Lyric Writing Contest. Jay is the 1st Pl Winner in Cooch Music's 13th Amateur Songwriting Contest 2009 for Come Dance. 65 of Jay's songs are represented both on and off Music Row in Nashville by Sharp Objects.