BandHip Hop

I feel I'm the embodiment of this millennial generation. My sound is truly unique and original. I have never failed at grabbing the crowds attention with my stage presence and energy. My music is amazing, and I will never feel other wise.


Juan Jayc Culbreath has only been making his music for about 4 years. It all started when he made his first song out of creative curiosity back when he was twelve using a handheld recorder and FL studio. When he was about 15 is when it really started for him after meeting his producer and partner in crime. Kendel Berry was JaYC's biggest competitor as well as his greatest teammate. He believes it was Kendel’s level of progression and constant appraisal of his tracks by their mutual producer Brandon “Btow Worley” that led JaYC to strive and do better for the attention. It was the three of them which created the label called P.U.R.P.L.E. (please understand real people lead [by] example) and JaYC now has a deal with Atlas Records and will go on to continue the insane nasty dopeness that everyone else is scared to approach. JaYC also does what he wants and doesn't let others influence him, as he has a hardhead and/or doesn't respect your negative comments, and will do as he please regardless of what he's told.


Last Little Light EP- 2012

Power Up Single