jay colombo

jay colombo


original lyrics, catchy, bouncy songs, and all the dastardly handsome ego you can stand. mellow grooves with country flavors played on whatever i can find and recorded in a small cabin on the beach. redefining "easy listening" for a hot, urban, youth market.


I was raised in Bozeman, Montana and have spent the last 15 years traveling around and writing songs as well as working all sorts of service jobs. i recently counted and found i've written over seventy songs and figured that I might as well try to milk them for financial gain. Grasso agreed to help for a mere pittance and a case of miller high life. So now, 2006 is the year that I sell music for money. Retirement, here I come.


Come Dance With Me

Written By: Jay Colombo

Take a breath and hold
Crease it and fold it
ravel it roll it around in your chest
for your own amusement
turn it to music
offer a big thanks live in your larynx
and wiggle your fingers shrug your shoulders jiggle your boulders wherever they be
it'll set you free
come dance with me
bend your knobby knees
count one two three
for a good time ease
toward your darker needs
all rivers feed the salty sea
take down this number
you can buy thunder
and bury it under
whatever you please
shake the very foundation
expose immitation
overthrow tyrants
look to the sky and wiggle your fingers shrug your shoulders
jiggle your boulders wherever they be (chorus)
i've been found
in the sand just digging on down toward china like a blind man chasing sound to the deep dark middle of a great big hole in the ground
i let my guard down
i fell hard but i found my feet back underneath me tapping to the fiddle monkey in the middle of an age old riddle honey brittle is the cage just wiggle your fingers shrug your shoulders jiggle your boulders wherever they be

Already Gone

Written By: jay colombo

i've made a man around the voice
that speaks inside my head
a selfish prick who still insists
that he made me instead
and all we've seen is shared between
a father and a son
one of them should be ashamed
but who's to say which one
i've laid my burden down beside
my little pile of dreams
which decays more rancidly
shortly shall be seen
time can help a lot of fools
believe their dreams are wrong
but the wolves won't come
and tear away what's already gone
...burn the gifts of consciousness
to keep your body warm
and so the wolves won't come and
tear away what's already gone

Great White Sharks

Written By: jay colombo

if i had a ferarri
i'd take you for a drive
unless i were a great white shark
then i'd probably just eat you alive
if i were a long necked giraffe
with a foot long sticky tongue
for the sake of the children here
i won't get too graphic but
you'd like what would be done
i'm a man of wild instincts
i could be a bee and buzz
or if you asked a couple hindus
they'd say i already was
if i were a bengal tiger
orange, black, and white
i'd find a randy zebra
put a little color in her stripes
i may prey upon the helpless
then i might just pray for help
i'm clinging like a shellfish
clings to the continental shelf
if i could be ten dollars
i'd be a thousand copper coins
and i'd jangle safe in pockets
warmed by a thousand people's loins
or if i were just a fiver
just a hundred nickels bright
you could trade me in for live bait
for catching sharks so great and white

Eden When it Rains

Written By: jay colombo

cold iron wheels rolling down steel
my headlights just keeping
ahead of the train
failings of will rising like weeds
in the garden of eden when it rains
in the deepest of night
the brightest of moons
will still drown in pillows
of gathering gray
and the lightning that tears
holes in the air
can teach the lions and bears
to be scared and to pray
now predators preying
is all well and good
changing is staying the same
shelter aint always just nails
stuck in wood
in the garden of eden when it rains
this lousy umbrella was built for the desert
to conquer the sunshine on very calm days
to keep us from cooking while reading for pleasure
but she aint made for rougher terrain
and all i can do to save me from ruin
is drop what i'm holding
that's weighing me down
take a deep breath
straight through your nostrils for all the saints and apostles down cold in the ground
so hail if you're holy to hail if you're not hail can do damage to grain
there ain't no hiding from what you forgot in the garden of eden when it rains

New Fixation

Written By: jay colombo

i need a new fixation 'fore the day is done
a little stimulation from another one
or maybe just a hobby maybe painting little ducks or maybe one of those younger girls from up the road who paints
i need a new fixation 'fore the night is through
cause too much time's a wasting while i wait on you
your games are the foundation on which my decision rests
i need to find me a younger girl with slightly bigger ideas
maybe i could learn to play the violin
to help me better meditate the mood i'm in
maybe just a young girl with a sheepish grin will wander in and live with me in simple pleasure
i need a new fixation maybe modern dance
i'll pretend that i'm a daisy up against the winds of chance
but then again a daisy ain't got nothing on romance so i'll find me one of those younger girls and get into her hobbies
maybe things could have worked out another way but i just can't tolerate the games we play maybe we will meet again another day and run away to paraguay
i need a new fixation for those lonely nights
to hold in adoration in the morning light a little girl i can adore till my libido's sore because you won't be my fixation anymore


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