Jay Deala

Jay Deala

 Toronto, Ontario, CAN
BandHip HopR&B

“The Urban desi phenom. A cross between the boss Ricky Ross and the late great B.I.G., a west coast gangsta swang that's funky and infused with Indian melodies, doing it for the ladies always representing for the Homeys, something new and something fresh for the hip-hop industry”


The urban desi phenom known as Jay Deala is ready, set and poised to take his rightful place as the first mainstream hip-hop artist from the Indian community in years. Inspired by mainstream pioneer artists such as Apache Indian and Punjabi MC, Jay Deala is aiming to take over the music industry and fill a void in urban desi hip-hop that has desperately been needed for quite sometime now. Get ready for something special.

In an age of the micro label, Jay Deala registered his own record label/entertainment company, M WAY Entertainment Incorporated. This major step empowered and expanded his capabilities to explore all types of music genres. Jay Deala is hip-hop at its best however he is not limited to just one type or style of music by any means. Now that he has refined and perfected his skills as a live hip-hop and recording artist, Jay Deala is looking to scout and develop the wealth of hidden talent that can be found locally aswell as internationally. Professional executive production and artist development in all aspects of the music industry is the future of M WAY Entertainment Inc.
Coming from a highly inclined musically gifted and talented family, Jay Deala, born Harjinder Jay Singh in Toronto Ontario Canada, was destined for greatness.

As an immigrant, who migrated from India, Jay Deala’s father struggled to find employment in Canada at a time where visible minorities were a scarce and unkown commodity. Along with hard work ethic, intelligence and the gift of music his father made it through course waters and has become one of the most successful business men in the Indian community in southern Ontario. Jay’s father would keep his motivated mind set during troubled times through playing various instruments and singing. Mastering the harmonium and refining his vast knowledge of religious studies, Jay’s father also influenced and inspired his children to vent and express their feelings and emotion through music by singing at numerous religious functions and Gurdwara’s (Sikh Temples). Jay’s older brother mastered the art of Tabla (Indian drums) at a very young age playing along side his father and also travelling with many notable classical singers such as Ghulam Ali and Jagjit Singh in the early 90’s.

Jay Deala did start off following in the footsteps of his father and brother. He learned to play the tabla and the harmonium at a very young age. However, music expression through the religious environment did not really appeal to him. In retrospect, commercial music was becoming more and more free spirited and out spoken. In the 90’s Mainstream hip-hop and rap was being taken over by a phenomenon known as gangster rap. Hip-hop superstars like the late greats Tupac Shakur and Notorious BIG blew up the rap game and exposed the trials and tribulations of the inner city urban lifestyle. Guns, girls, money, power and respect were the key elements influencing youth through rap and hip hop music at this time. It was cool to be bad, and Jay Deala embraced this culture with open arms.

Jay Deala’s family then moved from the east end in Scarborough, all the way across the city of Toronto, to the west end in Brampton. Jay met many of his lifetime friends here as they shared the same common interests, mainly gangster rap. Jay would relish the opportunity to listen to his friends Ceazar and Bezzle freestyle at the local parks, alleys and catwalks. A little apprehensive at first that people would laugh at his true desire to freestyle and MC, Jay started to beat box for his friends while they rapped. Slowly but surely he came out of his shell and started to cypher with his group of friends. Their acceptance of him and his desire to rap boosted his confidence and made him realize that this is what he wanted to do. Natural entertaining abilities, intelligence, an outgoing and flamboyant personality were perfect characteristics for his flow and complimented his lyrical talent.


The Official M Way Mixtape Volume 1 - 2007
Nothing Like Me (Single) - 2008
Jind Jaan (Single) Power of Bhangra 2 Compilation - 2008
The Official M Way Mixtape Volume 2 - 2008
That Girl - Got Ass? Theme (Single) - 2008
AJAA (Extended Play) - 2009
Gabroo Punjabi (Single) DJ APS Greatest Misses - 2009
Welcome to the North (Single) - 2009
Sheran Naal Yaari (Single) Nach - 2010
Koka (Single) Merbhani - 2010
Summertime (Single) - 2011
Serious (Single) - 2011
Vida Tropical (Single) - 2012

Set List

Performances can range from a 10 to 15 minute set to a 30 to 45 minute set.
All originals tracks and productions mixed with relevant mainstream music as well.
Depending on the budget, we can provide dancepacks, live musicians and models as apart of the show as well.