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I Don't Wanna Be With You

Written By: Jaydeez Melodeez

Verse 1: It's strange how things always change Why can't they just stay the same? Always you and me I never expected company Chorus: I don't care cause fair is fair I cleared my hear in the summer air There was another one but now I'm done And you've had your fun and it's ok cause I don't wanna be with you Verse 2 Your head must be quite hazy To do that and tell me that I'm crazy Psycho Oh sure cause I dont stay quiet like her But Chorus Bridge: I could sit here in my tears and wish and pray that you were mind or I could think all day long about you and wish you weren't gone you weren't gone you weren't gone Chorus Chorus 2: You've played your games with all those names Your lies have bound you up in chains So when you hear me on the radio Oh i hope that you will always know that I don't wanna be with you