Jayden Frost

Jayden Frost

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Jayden is at the front of a musical movement going away from rap, and anger-rock into a world of pop. With his commercial and melodic vocals, there's an authenticity in the way he delivers what he writes.



Remember the closing scene from Napoleon Dynamite, the film just voted Best Picture at the 2005 MTV movie awards?

As Napoleon finds some sort of resolution in his offbeat, own private Idaho, 80s-throwback lifestyle, a haunting synth chord from that electro-decade surges to the soundtrack's surface and a classic piano phrase takes us into the end credits.

The song is When In Rome's The Promise, the signature tune for the movie and still getting regular airplay across the country 18 years after it hit the Billboard Top Ten.

Back then, Jayden Frost had a poster of the English trio hanging on his bedroom wall. Now, in 2005, the Dallas singer-songwriter finds himself working with none other than Michael Floreale – WIR’s keyboardist and co-writer of The Promise – on an outstanding new album featuring their combined talents.

Floreale has been living and working in Dallas for the past twelve years as a composer on many award-winning music and film projects. He hooked up with Frost in October 2003 on what was planned as a four-track EP. Over the next 18 months, it turned into a full-length 12-track album, Blue, to be released on Floreale’s Musicwerks label on June 28.

Frost - a former actor in movies such as Ace Ventura 2, a popular Professional wrestler, and once a DJ at Kempi’s, one of Dallas’ hottest nightclubs - has been gigging across Texas for the past three years as both a solo singer and front man for his own band.

The album showcases his standout singing, he also plays acoustic and electric guitar, coupled with Floreale’s soaring strings and atmospheric piano work and Collyer Spreen's solid syncopations, there is a moody romantic feel that reflects the personal conflicts within Frost’s life in ballads such as "I can’t take this anymore."

"The love of performing and taking people away from their problems for a while guided me into the music business", he says.

Jayden is at the forefront of a musical movement eschewing rap and anger-driven alterna-rock in favour of unashamed pop. Besides the commercial and melodic tones of his voice, there's an undeniable authenticity in the way he expresses and delivers what he writes and performs.

It had to happen eventually that Dallas would produce an artist of the first rank - after an assortment of suspect hair metal bands, Jessica Simpson and Leann Rhymes - giving the inhabitants of that Texas outpost some fresh hope and an escape from their culturally underperforming past.

Jayden's evolution has developed through 80s influences - Depeche Mode, Morrissey, Erasure, George Michael, The Cure, U2 - to more recent rock soulmates - Savage Garden, Coldplay, Robbie Williams - melding them with his own unique voice into a striking new musical statement for today.

With Blue, Jayden Frost has finally arrived and The Promise has been fulfilled.

Album title : Blue
Artist :Jayden Frost
Release Date : June 28th, 2005 on MusicWerks Records
Produced by Michael Floreale


Played on a variety of college stations nationally various net streams (Launch, live365, Bear Radio, etc)

Set List

Whether it be a solo acoustic performance, or full band, the sets are very versatile.Plenty of dance tunes, and ballads. Cover songs could include U2's "With Or Without You", to Depeche Mode's "Personal Jesus". (Over 100 top 40 cover songs in the arsenal).