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"Interview on JPBTV.COM....."


Interview on JPBTV.COM....."Da Mag" section

2008- Nominated for Best Male Solo Preformance at the HipHop Buffet Series

DaButtonPusha coming thru with the next" Diamond n Da Ruff"
YO it’s DaButtonPusha - What’s real? Let everybody know your name & what part of da burgh your from… The Name is Jay Dix aka M dot Jones…..and I rep the whole city of Pittsburgh and Youngstown, OH


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What got you into rapping? Just being I SUPER FAN since day one, and getting tired of buying this weak CD’s, so I decided to pick up the mic.

Besides rapping what else are you into that involves hip hop? I’m basically a hip hop child, so my life in general has always involved HIP Hop to some extent.

Do you remember the first song you ever wrote? Yes, that would be my Ten Mack Commandments song I wrote in 05, I flipped Biggie’s version just for kicks, I locked myself in my room for a whole night with a pen and paper and some good, good. lol

Are your songs mostly freestyles or written? My songs are mostly written, but I got a couple in there that my have a freestyle’d verse or two.

How long does it takes you to complete a song? It depends on my mood and the subject I’m writing about, sometimes I can knock one out in 1 hour and sometimes weeks. My Sneaker Pimpin song took me about a year and a half to complete fully, truth! So it just depends on my mind state and level of focus.

How many songs have you recorded, & performed? I still consider myself a rookie in this rap game, with my best yet to come. But I have about 30 songs I’ve recorded up over these past 4 yrs. And I’ve preformed a few of them in and around the burgh. At local shows such as The HipHop Buffets, bar performances and the Ripple Effect show.

Do you produce your own music? No, I don’t but that’s the next step for the kid!

Describe your style of music. I’d say I spit more PIMP HOP than anything. My unique style, player swagger and catchy rhymes soon set me aside from your average MC. Writing about real life situations I speak about my own personal life experiences through HipHop

.Have you dropped any album or mix cds? Yes, my first project was the 17 track mixtape “You N G’s Town”(1500 moved) followed by 2 volumes of my Basement Radio series available online to listen to for free at Youtube and Datpiff.com. And currently I have my street album…Mahogany Jones, Over A Trillion Served..out now…..COP THAT!!!!

Do you have a site where we can checkout your work?



How far have your traveled to do your music? I’ve been as far Chicago to perform and one show in Ohio.

Where do you see yourself in ten years? In ten years I see myself still working hard as ever in life. Whether it be in the music game or the cooking field. It’s Mahogany the Chef….baby!

Have you collaborated with other rappers? Yes, I’ve worked with Kenny Ali & Big Walt out of Youngstown, OH and I've collaborated with Nova, KB, Crys, Sam Sniaael and Mysterious up here in PGH.

How do you feel about the Pittsburgh hip hop game now? I feel the burgh has a real shot at getting a hugh act on the mainstream level, there’s a lot of talent here.

What would you like to see happen in the Pittsburgh Hip Hop Music Sence? Like Rodney King said “lets all just get along” everyone needs to just come together and make it happen, there’s a untapped market up here and there defiantly people here in the city that can fill that void.

Who are you feeling right now in this rap game in general? From a fan stand point,Wayne is doing his thing right now, Luda and T.I. are hot as ever and Jigga and Kanye are putting out really good music right now also. On a local level I’m feeling the kid Wiz and Boaz is defiantly getting heard and the Midwest artists are just waiting to blow!

What’s your highest and lowest point in hiphop? My highest point was the first time I preformed on the Ripple Effect show that was my very first performance, I was super nerves but I had fun. My lowest point…..well I really ain’t have one yet.

Who would like to network with you in the future? Every and anybody that is really down to help me get my brand of hip hop out to the public!

How can you be reached if people want to contact you for work?

Yeah my email address is jaydix1403@hotmail.com and my number is 412-726-5786

Any advice for those thinking its easy to get in the game to become successful? One simple phase “Hard work pays off”

Anything you would like to say to the fans before we wrap this up? Yeah man cop my album Mahogany Jones, Over A Trillion Served…I put like my heart and soul into this and I just want everyone to hear what the kid got to say!

Any shoutouts? Yeah shout out JPB….Buttons(Keep up the great work!), Shout out to my mama, my pops, all my family. Shout out to KB, Nova, Drew Frank, Almond Joy, Sam Snizzel, Crsy, Big Walt, 4.1.Duece, Devine Seven, Young Smoove, Mysterious, Neisa Beatz, Kenny Ali, Yo Momz House Studio



1. You N G's Town the Mixtape...17 tracks.... 1500 units moved!!! Independently!!! Listen & Download 4 free at www.datpiff.com...... listen on www.youtube.com/jaydix1403

2. Basement Radio Vol 1....8 tracks, Hosted by CamHova......Listen & Download 4 free at www.datpiff.com or listen 4 free on www.youtube.com/jaydix1403

3. Basement Radio Vol. 2....8 tracks, Hosted By CamHova.....Listen 4 free on www.youtube.com/jaydix1403!!

4. Street Album... Mahogany Jones, Over A Trillion Served.....19 tracks......Out Now!!! BUY the album here on Myspace or Cd Baby.....plus many other online stores check Blog for info!!

5. Ditigal Mixtape........."The Monkeys Nest".. 18 tracks..........Listen & Download for free at www.datpiff.com

6. Debut LP........."Mahogany da Chef".........Coming Soon!!!!!

Singles....Respect my Swag ft. Almond Joy (3 week winner on 106.7 WAMO's "Battle of the Beats")
Sneaker Pimpin...played on 106.7 WAMO's "Local Luv"



Artist Bio
Jay Dix aka M dot Jones

Born and raised in Youngstown, Ohio until the young age of 18. Jay Dix aka M dot Jones has always carried a passion for music close in his heart. He was exposed early on to music through his mother. It's was bacon, eggs, grits and Luther Vandross every morning in his home growning up. She played all the great R&B hits giving him the perfect understanding of what real music should be.

After graduating high school Jay moved to Pittsburgh, Pa to further his education. After receiving two degrees M dot Jones set his sites on a bigger goal...RAP MUSIC. Starting up 1403 Entertainment the self-described super fan got tired of all the weak music being put out by these so-called artist and decided to pick the mic up...enter JAY DIX aka M dot JONES.

Between late 2006 and early 2007 trying to build a local and regional buzz he put together a 17 track mixtape "You N G's Town the Mixtape" and hit the streets and online. Jay Dix single-handily gave out 1500 copies of his mixtape "You N G's Town the Mixtape" between Pittsburgh,PA- Youngstown,OH- Warren, OH- Chicago, IL- Niagara Falls, NY and Baltimore,MD. By late 2007 and early 2008 Jay Dix began preforming at parties, on local TV shows and underground hiphop spots all around the 412.
Jay Dix's unique style, player swagger and catchy rhymes soon set him aside from your average MC. Writing about real life situations he speaks about his own personal life experiences through HipHop. He dropped his 19 track debut street album "Mahogany Jones, Over A Trillion Served" online(iTunes, etc) in July 2008 and in local pittsburgh cd stores March 2009. Jay Dix feels it's his time to really shine with his new single "Sneaker Pimpin" from his CD. He's sure his songs "In My ZONE", "2 da BEAT", "Beat Knockin(remix)" and the R&B smash hit "Respect my Swag" will have heads bopping from Maine to Spain.

New Mixtape...
The Monkey's Nest, OUT NOW!....Featuring the new singles.... I'm the BOMB and Steel Mackin ft. 4.1.Duece

Debut Lp...
Mahogany the Chef....Coming 2010...Look out the New Track....Extraordinary Swag produced by Mysterious