Jay Dizzle

Jay Dizzle

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Blends rap with various genres of music such as dancehall, Afrobeat, R&B, Rock, Reggae. Has deep lyrical content.


Born a native of Kaduna State, Nigeria, Sheyin Andrew Nkom, also known as Jay Dizzle, experienced a deepening of his interest in rap in the early 90s. Such artists as Wu-Tang, Snoop Dogg, Easy E, Ice Cube, Big, and Pac were his influences. All through his Junior Secondary School days he was nothing more than a listener and basic critic of rap artists and their music, memorizing verses and reciting them for fun. During his senior years, however, he began to write songs whenever he was influenced by certain situations in life. Jay Dizzle didn't really take rap seriously until he started battle rhyming in hip hop forums on the internet where he made contact with a music producer who requested for a demo recording. At this time, Jay Dizzle had taken his interest in music production to such a level that allowed him to produce his own demo track, 'Ill Expressions' featuring O.D., which was eventually included on the MyRhythm.com compilation album. He also recorded another track, 'Bliss', which received a full rating and hit the top 20 popular downloads on an mp3 download site.
Noticing how different his style was, Jay Dizzle put more focus on keeping his lyrics deep. Stronger is one of his songs which proves this where he relates The Holy Bible’s book of Exodus with his position in the music industry, recounting the plight of the Israelites in leaving Egypt. The track goes on to express his determination to make it, no matter what:

“…and when the rain’s done falling the sun will shine
I’ll stay strong cos it’s a matter of time
It says in the book if you seek you shall find
and that’s the kind of positivity I’m trying to keep on my mind
And if I never make it, yo at least I tried
Just imagine if I missed the ride
That’s the thought that keeps my dreams alive
and keeps the fire burning deep inside
so Imma keep it coming, ill with pride”

In his song, It’s OK, Jay Dizzle aggressively expresses distaste in the copy-cat nature of the music scene in his home country, Nigeria. He also speaks on the effects of music piracy on the welfare of artists:

“…reason why I didn’t drop sooner’s cos the industry had me too scared
Picture being famous and still broke
Rappers in the states quit the game, hit the block and deal coke
Got rigid options so I will cope
Get my degree and move on, forgetting I was packing an ill flow?
That’s a no, no…”

His soon to be released debut album features several variations of musical styles blended with rap while keeping up strong lyrical content. The album, 'Ill Xpressionz', has been described, in regard to the Nigerian rap scene, as 'trying to kill a fly with a cannon'. Jay Dizzle has also produced music for several artists under the flag of his independent record outfit, Playalyztic Records.


Dance [Remix] by Danosaur, with A.T., Terry Da Rapman
Omoge Kilode by Dipp
MyRhythm.com Compilation Album [Ill Expressions feat. O.D.]

Set List

Wipe Your Eyez
Get Loud!
It's OK