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Detroit, Michigan, United States | SELF

Detroit, Michigan, United States | SELF
Band Hip Hop


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"Introducing: JAYDUN"

There's a new hip-hop voice coming from Detroit and his name is JAYDUN.

JAYDUN describes his talent as being a musical miracle because of a speech impediment. But listeners say you'd never know from his music in his album because of his sound is cool and confident.

Born Jay Dunbar, JAYDUN is a man on a mission to take flight and bring his family with him.

His album Aviator is launching with great excitement. With influences from such hip-hop artists as Nas, Kanye, and Common.

JAYDUN states "I could have a normal 9 to 5 job because I have my degree backing me up, but I want to use the gift that I was given so I can change lives through music."

His hip-hop style can be slow and steady or it can be fast and cunning. This artist's album is a very thought provoking and well put together LP.

Pick up your copy today.
- After5detroit

""Who's Got Next: Jaydun""

When one hears the term “aviator,” he or she may refer back to the Leonardo DiCaprio flick The Aviator. However, soaring above that film is an artist who is poised to break stereotypes and redefine what it means to “live the dream.”

Jaydun is a native of Detroit, Michigan who has been working tirelessly to bring his sound to the masses. Humble, genuine and enthusiastic, he’s someone who has stared negativity in the face and refused to bow out to naysayers. Affected by a speech impediment since his childhood, he has not allowed that to limit his dreams or stand in the way of his ambitions. With a passion for his craft, he has performed in front of crowds in almost every venue imaginable, including theaters, colleges, bars and open mic nights. His work is indicative of a drive that is needed for success and his thoughts are reflective of someone who refuses to fit into any stereotype.

Despite a hectic schedule, Jaydun spoke with us about his music, overcoming adversity and how his work embodies the meaning of aviator.

XI: What motivates you?

I love music and I love people. In my music, I always want to give the people what they want while still being myself. It’s about bringing the best quality sound out of myself that is pleasing and uplifting to the people.

XI: Where did the term “aviator” come from?

It’s about taking flight. My whole thing is, when I win, I win; when I lose, I learn; when I learn, I win. I’m trying to show people that they can win too. If you work hard too, you can get the things that you want. It’s all about rising above who you are and continuous improvement. Being an aviator is about being a trendsetter and becoming a better person.

XI: What inspires your work?

The world does. Seeing a beautiful work of art probably inspires me the most. Basically anything that will motivate me to be just as good as the thing I appreciate. Hearing great music inspires me to make great music. I look at it like, if they can do it, so can I.

XI: What is your earliest music memory?

The first rap song I ever wrote was when I was fifteen. My father found it and, in the song, I’m talking about killing and how many hoes I have. He knew that that wasn’t me. Instead of scolding me, he told me that if I was going to do music, it needed to come from the heart. To this day, I tell people that that was the most important song I ever wrote because it got me on track from the beginning.

XI: What is the message of your music?

It’s about entertaining and having fun. It’s about continuously improving. I want people to feel good when they hear it. I want them to feel like I’m sincere and I’m making music because I love it but I also recognize my responsibility to them too.

XI: Tell me about your speech impediment growing up. What did you face and how did you overcome it?

It was tough. I grew up on the west side of Detroit, in one of the toughest neighborhoods. Kids were brutal. I didn’t want to talk as much; it limited me from doing certain things. I had my core group of friends but I was still nervous. That’s part of what aviator is about. There’s a reason why I have a speech impediment but when I’m in the studio, it’s like a God given thing. I’m not bragging on it, I appreciate it. It was tough growing up but I wouldn’t change anything. All of that made me the person who I am.

XI: What is more important to you, commercial or critical success?

Critical. I would rather be cherished for the music that I did than have a hit record that isn’t me. I’d rather win a Grammy anyday than put out music that I dont believe in.

XI: Who would you most like to collaborate with?

Dead, it would have to be Michael Jackson. That was the first album I ever bought. Alive, I would have to say someone outside of the hip hop realm just so it would be different. It would have to be someone musically gifted like Burt Bacharach.

XI: What has the industry taught you?

Always be prepared and have my mind focused. It’s taught me how to entertain on the spot. Also, it’s taught me to give the people what they want without sacrificing who I am.

XI: Describe your music in one word.


You can follow Jaydun on Twitter (@Jaydunaviator) and also check out his webpage here. He is poised to take flight, bringing his sound to the world all while symbolizing that any obstacle can be overcome with a determined mind and a humble spirit.

- XI Magazine

"Real Detroit Weekly - 4Play"

Jaydun makes hip-hop easy to listen to, any fan of feel-good music can dig and appreciate the pictures he paints with his mind.

Throughout this year, we have been introduced to new artists on this scene and you can add Jaydun to the list. Working with new blood such as Mark Byrd, Doc Illingsworth and soon to work with Stryfe and Detroit CYDI, Jaydun is on the path to getting heard.

Aviating through tracks, Jaydun explains Aviator music. “It’s about taking flight in whatever you do and striving for success. It’s about having a dream and knowing it's going to come true.”

Crafting music since he was 14, he feels blessed to get to a point in his life where he can share his rhymes with the public. And a life on the Westside has given him the perfect backdrop to display his talent.

“The city and its deep musical history taught me how to love sounds, how to appreciate a song and how to find the inner sound that is in all of us. It also taught me that if I was going to do something, make sure I did it big!

"Without Detroit there would be no Jaydun Aviator,” the rapper states. For more info visit jaydun.com. | RDW
- Real Detroit Weekly

"Svmixradio.com Interview on the "Detroit Rap Radio" show"

Jaydun's live interview on Svmixradio.com on the "Detroit Rap Radio" show - Svmixradio.com

"89.3 FM WHFR Interview on "The Zone" radio show Hosted by Origix and DC"

Jaydun on 89.3 FM WHFR on "The Zone" radio show hosted by Origix and DC. Click the link to watch. - 89.3 FM WHFR

"Channel 955 WXOU Interview hosted by Buda"

Jaydun debuted his single "Aviator" on Channel 955 live on air hosted by Buda. Click the link below to watch. - Channel 955 WXOU

"Cypher Saturdays Got It In"


After watching Killa Kaunn kill the mic at Dfusions Saturday night, I realized I needed another jolt of my Hip Hop infusion, so I decided to roll through the Saturday Cypher at Skorz. Glad I did!
Hosted by Mark the Spark, it was there I got to see more of up and coming contender, JayDun Aviator! This brother go hard! His commanding voice made the track wrap around his words as he hit you with flow after flow. Within minutes of his record “Rep My Name”, he had the crowd doing just that. With its old school Ice Cube feel this cut will definitely will make everyone in world of Detroit Hip Hop give this brother his respect.

The man of the cypher, Lodown aka Los took over and all hell broke loose!! The crowd was bobbing their heads, walking around faces all screwed up at this lyrical mathematician. Why math? Because it was obvious somewhere in there Los decided this word plus that word equalled a whole lotta HOT lyrics. When he had to stop for a sip of water from having blown all that fire in his rhymes the audience waited patiently for this pro to get it together. And was rewarded with a whole lot more heat.

All in all, between the 2 venues I got just about the right doses I needed for the night. The more I hear, the more I’m feeling the vibe of this city. - Detroitrap.com

"Bars The Real Story"


WAKA FLOCKA’S come up and his statement about NOT having lyrics because “lyrical rappers dont get paid” is having an effect on how the world views hip hop artists in general. Although its been a topic of debate since hip hop first arrived on the scene, lyrics or bars have always been and will always be a necessary component to achieving longevity in the music industry.

Remembering back to the days of BDP (Boogie Down Productions), there was no way KRS-One was going to let you insult his skills, or call him a ‘studio rapper’! That was the purpose of battles on and off wax, over the last 20 years in hip hop. To prove your lyrical skills. Not to show swag, attitude or money making potential, it was to prove that what you had to say and the way you said was second to none. That your wordplay was THE wordplay to beat and your flow drowned out all contenders who stepped up to the mic to challenge you, and how they should have stayed at home!

Commercialism and capitalism have invaded hip hop, and the true emcees APPEAR to be a rarity. Opinions run rampant on who is hottest and and who actually has skills, but since major labels focus more on the bottom line, actual skills and lyricism have been regulated behind marketing strategies. This is the point where a true emcee may get discouraged on his quest to get noticed for his craft. And indeed a craft it is. Success is indeed important to any artist in the entertainment community, but is it worth your integrity to achieve?

Thats what its about people!! How ill is your wordplay? How smooth are your connects? How relateable are your metaphors? How do you flow? Its not about how banging your track is, not to take anything from my DJ’s and producers, as they play a very intricate part in reviving the true heart and soul of hip hop, but alas, with MIC CLUB this is about the emcee!! This is where the audience will focus their attention. This is where your cerebrum and cerebellum will work its magic. Your BARS!!

Originally being from the Ill, I personally know how important it is for a real and true emcee to be regarded for his imaginative use of the English language and verbal warfare in any given battle or challenge. As true hip hop heads, this is where Detroit Rap.com has decided to bring back the viability of helping the real lyricist get back their status by reviving the Lush Lounge atmosphere that sparked this hip hop community into getting to the true roots of hop hop and lyrics.

So lets go Detroit!! You know you got skillz!! You know you got bars!! From Moe Dirdee, Cold Men Young, Street Justice, Jaydun Aviator, JYoung, Phresh Heir, Chief, Killa Kaunn, Millaboy, Mark Watts, RoSpit, LoDown aka Los, Ty Nitty, Danny Brown, Awall, Marvwon, LAW, Stretch Money, PL and Quest MCODY, just to name a few of the tightest hip hop lyricist I have been privileged to experience. And ladies, dont be shy about showing off!! Invincible, Mz Korona, MaeDay and Reddbone all know they can hold their own in a cypher with the fellas hands down!! Remember its a woman who populated the planet, and like Pac says, “we got our game from a woman and our name from a woman”. So all my female emcees out there, step up and show em how its done!!

So the call is out Detroit!! MIC CLUB–ITS ALL ABOUT THE BARS!!




REDFORD, MI - Detroitrap.com

"Jaydun Interview"

This show almost didn’t happen. If it wasn’t for John Kay there wouldn’t have The OE Show. Not only do we have a new special guest co-host we also have…

Exclusive interview with JayDun
2 JayDun tracks including The Reaping
Special guest co-host John Kay drummer for Bat on Fire
FarmVille and Cia Control
The General Con-Census
Coffin Academy Death Cults and Face-paint…
Nasty Nas
Douche-Bag Madness
Lesbians at the prom…
D-Suedes amazing engineering
BOF and The DMA’s
All this and of course - The Olin Ezra Show

"Freshtight Designs Presents The Undertone"

Friday, July 3rd - Freshtight Designs presents The Undertone feat. Miz Korona, Laswunzout (F.I.S.T and Loe Louis), Jaydun, Kadence, Mister, and beats by Bobby Bricks, Flamingo Bla$e and GhettoTec

MIZ KORONA played the role of Vanessa in the movie 8 Mile alongside the legendary Eminem. She may be best recognized from the scene outside of the factory (Lunch Truck) where she traded insults with hip hop giant Xzibit. Korona has also been profiled in New York’s Village Voice, Rolling Stone, and featured in cover stories in the Detroit News, Detroit Free Press, Metro Times, Real Detroit, and Venus Magazine. She took top honors as Female Artist of the year in the Detroit Music Awards.

LASWUNZOUT (performing F.I.S.T. aka MistaFist and Loe Loius) are a mainstay in Detroit hip hop, and hip hop in general for that matter. If you don’t know you better find out! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ir8sBIIWGtg

JAYDUN was born and raised in Detroit. At the age of 15 he began writing raps and poetry. To this day he claims the most important rap he wrote was the first one. He is part owner of Aviator Entertainment.

KADENCE has continued to push the envelope, both stylistically and content wise, by integrating into his music socio-philosophic premises that arise out of his studies, while still synthesizing the general persona of hip-hop.

MISTER has a funky style and demeanor and some compare him to Charlie2na from Jurassic 5. Sometimes awkward, always charming.

For more info visit: http://www.freshtightdesigns.com - The Crofoot

"88.3 WXOU Oakland University Radio Station Interview"

Radio Interview Click Review Link - Robo Robb 88.3 WXOU

"The Zone Column by Origix - JAYDUN"

If you have been out to a real hip-hop show around Detroit or took notice of the promotional flyer’s, chances are you have seen the name JAYDUN on the bill. This West Side Detroit Emcee has been hard at work in 2010 with his team at Aviator Entertainment; playing as many shows as they can to push his album Aviator that he dropped in 2009. JAYDUN explains, “Its all about networking and building relationships with like-minded people…people who I can help and people who can help me reach my dreams!”

He keeps a positive attitude along with positive music to shine a bright light on this dark city. His ambition keeps him humble and hungry to make an impact on the music game, he is already back in the studio working with Grammy Award winning engineer Todd Fairall. The Album features new cuts such as Rep My Name and The Truth, showing he has grown even more as a well rounded artist. For more info on him, visit www.JAYDUN.com and get ready, buckle your seat belt and prepare to take flight with the Aviator on Saturday, April 24Th as JAYDUN performs at The Zone Radio’s 8 Year Anniversary Party at PJ’s Lager House, 1254 Michigan Ave Detroit, MI along with Artfull Dodgers, Ikkurruz, Rising Sunz, B.l.a.k.e. Eerie with Dirtee Curt, Prophecy 313 and P-Dog The Turntable Bully. www.myspace.com/lagerhouse

R-I-P- Guru of Gang Starr. The Hip-Hop Legend died on April 19, 2010, after a long battle with multiple myeloma, he will be missed! - Motor City Blog


Single: "Magic" Feat Prophecy 313 & 1ofahkind April 11, 2011
Single: "Aviator" January 11, 2011
EP: "Aviator" February 24, 2009
Singles: http://jaydun.bandcamp.com



“AVIATOR” is more than a word it is the epitome of who JAYDUN is, and most importantly what he is trying to accomplish through his music. JAYDUN’s “mission” is to rise above normal standards and take flight in whatever he does as an artist but most importantly as a man. His goal is to make an imprint in the world, and to create music for everyone to hear. Many do not know that JAYDUN has had a speech impediment since early childhood, however he is living proof that nothing can stop you from rising above all obstacles that lie in your path to reach your dream.

JAYDUN has been performing at shows all across the state of Michigan. From theaters, to colleges, to bars, to open mics he has left his “AVIATOR” signature and BRAND imprinted in the minds of spectators everywhere. Working with some of the industry’s most creative producers and artists he has created what he calls “AVIATOR MUSIC”. Currently he is preparing for the release of his upcoming singles “D.U.I” and “Aviator”. Stay tuned and get ready to Take Flight!!!