The music Jaye create's has a familiar feel with a new twist, a breath of fresh air, a key missing element on today's music scene. Jaye's ability's as a songwriter, producer, and engineer, make him a triple threat, a necessary attribute to achieve next level success in today's industry.


Born and in Virginia, Jesse Eason (Jaye) was raised across the cities of Chesapeake, Norfolk, and Portsmouth. Jaye always had a love for music growing up and dedicated most, if not all of his free time, in participating with his church choir and school band. Jaye’s teachers, directors, and peers quickly noticed his dynamic potential with music even before Jaye himself realized he had a gift. This new found gift helped Jaye invision of a way to escape where he came from by doing what he truly loved most, making music.
Jaye officially began his music career in a singing group derived of friends. Intimidated by the microphone, Jaye was more than happy to put his fellow member’s vocal ability above his own. After the group’s mild success he decided to move on and work as a featured artist with a Virginia based rap group. Jaye's soft tone and heart felt sincerity quickly captured the hearts of those who listened. It was clear from that day forward that this wasn't a one time feature but the beginning of a whole new group. His now best friend/creativepartner (Sav) introduced him to a music program that would soon change his life (Reason), while Jaye also introduced himself to the pen as a rapper. Using mostly all his beats and hooks, the group locally was an immediate success. Then rapping Jaye buried his vocal ability but he spent time writing little love ballads that he only shared with his closest of friends. Blown away by his unknown talent, they pushed for him to concentrate on his voice and his own production.
Now a seasoned producer and songwriter Jaye his ready to reintroduce his creative sound and brand (TheCoolest) to the world. Taking advice from industry known producers such as Nottz, Bink, and Polo Da Don, Jaye has spent time in what he calls "Da Dungeon" perfecting his craft, which is ever so visible in his music. When asked what does he want his fans and follower to feel and know about is sound, Jaye replied "That my music comes from a real place and real situations whether it be about love, a one night stand outta town, or how I wanna give "Her" the universe. Just cuz it sounds marketable or commercial doesn't mean this sh*t ain't real. I got scars to prove it. “#Thecoolesthavarrived", he said, followed by a sly but, focused grin.


Heart Colored Glasses (2013)