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For the up coming talents in canda Jayee Grind seems to sit at the top of of the chart with his talent and creatavity his fan base grows every day with fans of all ages jayee grind seems like Next big thing to ever happen to the music industries and the world. - Jayeegrind productions

"Jayee Grind"

Jayee Grind is a great artist willing to advance and learn new things in the music business.R&b and Rap/Hiphop is his main category,listen to the music it say's it all for more info contact jayeegrind@hotmail.ca - Jayee Grind


My first studio recorded album tittle "Preparation" which was released Oct 30 2010 which is based on my life story and some club hits.first single on the album is tittle "pause for" which simply means stop look back and visualize where i came from and look at what i have accomplish and where im at before you judge me as an individual,pause for me was more of a radio song cause i wanted to tell my story and still make people dance to it the song is getting radio plays all across west Africa mostly Nigeria and Liberia.Fro more information about me or my album you can reach me at jayeegrind@hotmail.ca



James Garlimah known by his stage name Jayee Grind was born in Oru, a refugee camp in Nigeria. Growing up as a refugee was hard because his parents were young and were victims or the recent 1990 war in Liberia. His mother died from a liver disease when James was three months old. His father was still trying to complete his education at that point and had to go to school. There was nobody to take care of him so James was sent back to Liberia in 1992 when he was five months old to live with his grandmother Tennah Garlimah. Growing up was not easy as a baby and as a toddler, because he never had his mother around. Growing up in Liberia was hard most days not having any fun like most kids should have. We had to eat and be thinking for what we have every day of our life in Liberia, things got harder on James grandmother, she was getting a little older and she couldn’t provide for him anymore.

As a young kid he was always around music. His uncle was a musician; he played the guitar and the drums, sang and play other instruments. When James was 7 years old he wrote his first song and sang it to his grandma and his friends. They liked it and encouraged James to keep doing music. The fact that Liberia was one of the poorest countries, and is still one of the poorest countries in the world, equipment and instruments for making and producing music were not available but singing to people and writing music was always a passion because James had the chance to express himself and people would listen and enjoy it.

In 2003 civil war broke out in Liberia. The rebels were trying to overtake the president, Liberia had a civil war back in the 1990’s so this was not new to a lot of people and the fighting started and James and his family had to run away and left all of their personal belongings behind. There was terrorism; cannibalism, rape and murdering of innocent people homes were burnt to the ground. Somehow James had the chance to escape Liberia by going through several countries in West Africa to get to Nigeria were his father was. All the bad things James has seen in Liberia still haunt him today. The war in Liberia was something you don’t see on TV, or you don’t want see in the newspaper so James decided to speak about it and let people know what he experienced in Liberia and other places in Africa and around the world.

In 2006, James was one of the blessed refugees from Nigeria who had a chance to live in Canada. North America is a well-developed country, he was told that nothing is impossible so he started rapping and telling his life story and people in his community took interest. His motivation is the feedback he gets about his music and letting people know what’s going on in his life and the life he lived when he was in Liberia. His passion is to help people who are in need when he becomes successful. James wants to go back to Liberia and help rebuild his home country and talk to the youth not only in Liberia but around the world. His first independent studio recorded album titled “Preparation” hits stores on his 18th birthday Oct 2, 2010. The first single is called “Pause for Me”. This track is about slang he came up with which means stop, think and look at what he has accomplished, followed by the second single “Ridding or What”. The third single on the album will be an R&B song called “Hopes and Dreams”.
I plan to take my music career to West African for a 2 month tour, I will be going to three African countries Nigeria, Liberia and Gahanna. I will also be touring North America spreading the word and letting people know that there is still real music out there.
Contact: James Garlimah
Ph: 306-281-7853
Email: jayeegrind@hotmail.com