Jay Einhorn

Jay Einhorn


Folk, country, blues, jazz, flamenco, classical and and more styles fuse with lyrical poetry in songs that reflect personal and social themes not usually covered on top 40 radio


Began playing guitar at age 9, became jazz musician as teenager and Jazz Director of the Exit Coffeehouse (New Haven) while still in high school, introduced to folk music there. Played in bar bands in high school and college, learned classical guitar, began writing songs. Became a psychologist in my day job, where themes of expressing and validating inner experience overlap with songwriting. Recorded tracks for first CD, “My Heart is Open” with keyboardist friend as demo, turned into CD after his death. Not a professional recording, but good material & some fine moments. Became solo performer, recorded next CD, “Start Over,” in studio over nearly two years. Now performing to support release of “Start Over,” and recording next CD.


Enough to Drink

Written By: Jay Einhorn

I think I've finally had enough to drink
My body is unstable
And my mind can barely think
Leaning 'cross the table looking at Some new girl named Mabel
Hoping for a surreptitious peek

I think I've finally had enough to drink
Is that an eyelash in her eye
Or did she just give me the wink?
Liquor in my belly turns my
Coward's grey heart pink,
But liquid courage drains away
Like water down the sink

I think I've finally had enough to drink
The room is spinning 'round just like
A roller skating rink
I won't be driving home
I can't even find my phone
To call a cab, to bring me back to Where I live all alone

I think I've finally had enough to drink
Mabel's got her coat on but I
Can't get out of this chair
She could be my destiny
Leaving over there
I'd speak to her but somehow I don't dare
My brain's so full there ain't no room to spare
And to be quite honest I don't really care
I think I've finally had enough to drink

Appearance of Virtue

Written By: Jay Einhorn

The appearance of virtue is all I need to know
If the truth is not clear to you, believing makes it so
Yes, knowing right from wrong and good from bad should be like knowing A through Z
The appearance of virtue is good enough for me

The appearance of virtue is what I comprehend
On the appearance of virtue I confidently depend
When you don't know what to do or what's the message you should send
With the appearance of virtue at least you can pretend

The appearance of virtue is what I defend
On the appearance of virtue my lifetime I spend
When this world's getting to you and you feel like you don't have a friend
The appearance of virtue is what I recommend

I do right I do right yes Do Right is my name
I always do right and that is how I play the game
But since I can't perceive what's right convention is my referee
The appearance of virtue is good enough for me

I cling to the conventional it tells me what is best
I learned everything I know in school and passed every test
With learning in the school and justice in the court why everything's as it should be
The appearance of virtue is good enough for me
As long as I believe what I've been told I needn't bother with reality
The appearance of virtue is good enough for me

Good Morning Dad

Written By: Jay Einhorn

Good morning Dad
Sunshine sparkles off the gems of dew
Here's another morning that I'd like to share with you
But another morning can't be had
Good morning Dad
The peonies are gleaming in the sun
Wish we'd had more time together 'fore our time was done
But there's no way of turning back

And I dreamed you were a sunset spreading all across the sky
In all the colors of your heart, radiant and purified
Everything in order, no more fear, nothing to hide
And I said, "Peace, Daddy, peace."

Good afternoon
Now I'm doing what I really want to do
I tried until I found a way to make my dream come true
Just like you told me I should do
Good afternoon
Now your anger's finally over, none too soon
And though the thief was at your door even before May turned into June
You're past caring how this world is doing

Your anger was a hurricane that whipped the waves up high
And all the shadows of your pain were darkening the sky
No one you could turn to or trust to tell you why
And I said, "Peace, Daddy, peace."

Well good night Dad
I've just got some questions here for you
How I wish that we could have another hour or two
But I wonder would you answer if we had
Well good night Dad, I know someday
Time will draw its curtain down on me
But 'till it does there's lots I'd like to do and I'd like to see
And the journey in myself is another path

And I dreamed you were a sunset (etc.)

Ain't Dead Yet

Written By: Jay Einhorn

Sitting at a table at an outdoor cafe
In the middle of the afternoon
There's a husband and wife in the middle of life
Sipping cappucinos from their spoons
When he glances away
His attention to pay
To a pretty woman as she walks by, and his wife says,
"Why do you look at her that way?"
This is his reply, he says, "I

Ain't dead yet
I ain't dead yet
She caught my eye because I ain't dead yet
Ain't dead yet
Ain't dead yet
Ain't gonna lie it's 'cause I ain't dead yet
Ain't dead yet
Ain't dead yet
Though someday I will be
I'll be a long time gone
But while I'm still around
I ain't dead yet"

And then he goes off to work
Beneath the thumb of a jerk
A blockhead with the title of Dean
Heaven help subordinates who criticize him
The Dean can be pretty mean
So our man picks up his check
Thinks to himself, "What the heck," And tells the Dean to take a jump in the lake
"I'll be cold in the ground
While earth's still spinning 'round
My life I've got to make, because I

Ain't dead yet
Ain't dead yet
I've got to try because I ain't dead yet
Ain't dead yet
Ain't dead yet
I've got to fly because I ain't dead yet
Ain't dead yet
Ain't dead yet
Though someday I will be
I'll be a longtime gone (etc.)"

And so whoever you are
Wherever you may be
Come take a look at your life and reflect
Whatever you see is your own history
Your story for you to inspect
Now life is short, friends are few
So what are you gonna do
With the hours that go passing by, I ask you
Are you awake or asleep in your life?
Sing out your reply, sing out, "I

Ain't dead yet
I ain't dead yet
She caught my eye because I ain't dead yet
Ain't dead yet
Ain't dead yet
I've gotta fly because I ain't dead yet
Aint dead yet (etc.)

Start Over

Written By: Jay Einhorn

Go ahead say
What's on your mind
Go ahead stay
Honey I will be kind
Go ahead show
Me what you see
Go ahead be
Yourself with me

You don't have to play
Any more games
Don't have to pay
For any more names
You needn't pretend
Just let yourself be
Let yourself mend
Right here with me

We all lose
Our way on the road
Whether we choose
To stay or to go
No matter whose
Said it's unfair
We all have to start over somewhere

Go ahead reach
Your hand out to touch
Go ahead teach
The lesson I need so much
Go ahead preach
Your sermon of love
In the sweet speech
Of your own language

We have all lost
Our way on this road
And it has cost
More than we know
No matter what
The crowd will allow
We all have
To start over somehow

After Our War

Written By: Jay Einhorn

The skies are quiet now
Our planes are on the ground
The fires are not burning any more
There's lots of orphans out there
Wandering around
With dazed or angry eyes
After our war
We came to save
We came to liberate
Gonna set them free, that's for sure
But our bombs and bullets
Sewed a harvest full of hate
Even beyond what was already there before

And in the Pentagon
And in the oval office
The rooms where this mistaken war was sewn
The men who thought it up
By now are mostly gone
We're left to take its harvest
On our own
They were so brilliant
So welcomed by our president
Of charismatic personality
"With us or against us"
Was his battle cry
And it succeeded in making enemies

Come on America
Will you ever learn
Will you take the lesson from all this
"With us or against us" is a
Catchy phrase to turn, while making
Enemies in billows of pink mist
Come find the courage to
Admit that you were wrong
You went in strong
Without even a clue
The way to make friends is to
Help them carry on
Come on America
The world is waiting for you


Start Over is on CD Baby, iTunes, etc. A previous, not very well recorded cd, My Heart is Open, is on my music website, www.guitaratlarge.com, with two tracks to hear, along with two tracks from Start Over.

Set List

Typical set is 45 minutes to an hour. Song selection varies depending on venue, but all are original. My music includes multiple genres, and song lengths vary from 3 to 7 minutes.