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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


""The Force: May this band be with you"

"The Force: May this band be with you. They're not big-haired or self-consciously retro, but they play non-angsty melodic hard rock....Bonus points to the Force for covering Led Zep's 'The Crunge.' Funk is hard to play well. So's Zepplin. They pulled it off, though." - Creative Loafing (Atlanta)

"Flagpole Review"

"Atlanta's heavy-rockin' group incorporates the attitude of early '90s alt-rock (Alice in Chains, Soundgarden) with a more seasoned metal sound." - The Flagpole (Athens) 1/7/2004

"Strutterzine review"

"....this is a sensational new band, and I can't wait to hear a full-length CD in the future, and I am pretty sure here in Europe some labes ae eager to sign these guys if they hear the 3 songs on this demo." - Strutterzine

"Rock United Review"

"Woh-oh-ohw!!! Here's the next melodic hardrock act for any of the labels out there to sign.......The demo sound is pretty amazing actually and things are bound to happen I'm sure." - RockUnited.com


The Force demo 2003
The Force Vol. 2 (currently recording)


Feeling a bit camera shy


The Force came together over the summer of 2003, through a series of studio sessions designed to carve a band out of a bunch of musicians who wanted to be part of a temporary project. It was manager Stephanie Ramage's idea - she'd lost her father in 2003 to lung cancer and Jason Abraham had lost his band, Romeo Delite, once and for all, after three years of a changing line-up that left him as the only original member. Jason was overwhelmed by inertia. Stephanie was driven by what she has termed "an unrelenting force" to make something happen - maybe to gain a little distance from memories of her dad's unbeliebable suffering and the months of sorrow that followed, or maybe to prove to herself that life goes on.
She recruited Joe Abramson, Jason's original bass player, and drummer Chris Wilkes - both of whom were still back in North Carolina and had just survived the break-up of their own band. She then tapped Matt Sonnicksen, the intrepid lead guitarist for local band Y-O-U, and keyboardist Brandon Still. "OK, Jay" she said. "No more excuses. Go play the music you've wanted to play since you were a kid. You've got some of the best unsigned musicians as bandmates, now take the reigns and do it!" What resulted was a collection of Jay's never-performed originals influenced by artists such as Van Halen, Journey, Bon Jovi, Queen, The Police, and Prince. The music was brought to the people and it was obvious with sold out shows at 10 High (Atlanta orginal club) that there is a hungry audience for over-the-top feel good entertainment.
Jason is currently shopping the Force demos to labels in hopes of taking the band's unpretentious, arena rock fun to people all over the world.