Jay Hammond

Jay Hammond


Accomplished guitar playing mixed with introspective, well-informed songwriting. This music is very accessible, while still maintaining lasting value. With a wide range of influences, ranging from Bob Dylan to Radiohead, the songs always seem fresh.


This world certainly has its share of acoustic-guitar-slinging singer/songwriters, but even in such a saturated genre, Jay Hammond is already beginning to separate himself from the pack. Lyrics for the thinking man, great guitar playing, and a commanding stage presence, Hammond�s music demands attention, so listen up!

Jay has spent most of the past year in Boston, honing his craft and frequenting the cities vibrant folk scene. Jay's first commercial release, the "Darts in the Dark" EP is a collection of songs written during this period. Jay recorded and produced the entire record. Boston's "Modern Vintage Queen" Miss Tess makes the only guest apearance on the album with some great harmonies on the first two tracks "Choice" and "Gone."

His career as a singer/songwriter is in its baby stages, but Jay has been a musician for most of his life. Growing up idolizing guitar greats such as Jimi Hendrix, and Stevie Ray Vaughan, as well as classic American songwriters, like Tom Petty, he quickly became infatuated with music, and formed a band to play around his hometown of Jackson, Tennessee. Jay wrote most of the music for his band, as well as being responsible for the booking and promotion of the band.

Upon graduating from High School, Jay moved to Boston to study jazz guitar at the prestigious Berklee College of Music. With big dreams of becoming the next rich and famous New York jazz guitar player, he focused his efforts on the guitar, but something was missing. Late in his Berklee career, he started writing songs again, and things just clicked. Now, with a deeper knowledge of music and his instrument, he finally felt able to write the music he had been trying to write for years.

Jay has recently moved back to Tennessee, and will be living in Brooklyn, New York starting in September.

Jay's background gives him a unique musical perspective, and you can hear it in his songs. Hailing from Boston, by way of Tennessee, his music contains a very rootsy quality, while still managing to stay relevant to the modern world. This is not an artist to look past!



Written By: Jay Hammond

A tired bookmark marks a tired page, and fire sweeps suddenly around. Through corridors and treasure filled drawers the flames have no prejudice, no shame filled conscience to control their burning ways. And as he lays his book down, wanting nothing more than to sleep away the sound, well he burns instead.
I don’t want you to give me an answer, I just want to know one thing, did you have a choice with the fire, or did you wake up one day in flames?
Well a lonely park bench sits with its only friend, and the muddy water, sweeps suddenly around. Through sidewalks, grass and highly trafficked roads, one by one they’re all just swimming toads, the ground swept like a rug, out from under their feet. Morning light leaks through her window, she wants nothing more, than a day like days before, well she drowns instead.
I don’t want you to give me an answer, I just want to know one thing. Did you have a choice with the water, or did you wake up, swimming one day?


Written By: Jay Hammond

It took a song to make me see that one day you’ll be gone. Hung up the phone, I felt much better, that never used to happen before. Lord knows through wind, and rain we’ve gone, ungodly strains upon our shoulders. Through men’s eyes, now just like you I see. One day we will all be, Gone.

Mrs Clara

Written By: Jay Hammond

Hello Mrs. Clara, we’ve been waiting for you, things seem unclear, we hope you’ll help us to. Freely move, about and love again. It seems all the ink, has run out of your pen. Well help us Mrs. Clara, we’ve been waiting for you, we’ve done what we can do. We beg you Mrs. Clara, your name has led us to, believe you’ll clear things soon.
Through uncharted seas, our whims rule the day, through the darkest waters, with no one here to say, “I’m your beacon of light, right this way” darts in the dark, instead is what we play.


Darts in the Dark EP
Jay Hammond-Vocals/All Instruments
Miss Tess - Vocals on "Choice" and "Gone"
Recorded and Produced by Jay Hammond in his apartment in Jamaica Plain, MA 02130
Mixed and Masterd by Chris Nicksa at Palmetto Studios Jamaica Plain, MA 02130

Set List

Set lists consist of mostly originals. Jay does covers by Jeff Buckley, Elliott Smith, Tom Petty, Bob Dylan, Bright Eyes, The Beatles, Sun Kil Moon, and many more!