Jay Hanemann

Jay Hanemann


I write and sing my music for me and my family. I sing from my heart about everyday life. My passion is my music. I was in a band many years ago but like so many artist, there comes a time when you must choose to get a hard working job to support your family, which is what I did. I work for Exxon Mobil, so theres been no time to pursue my music abilities.

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While You Still Can

Written By: Jay Hanemann

You Can't have these times, forever
Take the time you have to hold em close to you
Before you know it they're grown up
Makin you so proud
Lovin their own life like you planned and prayed

Well there are things in life that come and go
Things in life you can't control
Things in life that give and take away
How are we supposed to know
How long a heart will go
Or when your dear old Dad, will be gone?

Never be afraid to give a hug
Never be afraid to give a kiss
Never be afraid to show your love in front of friends

You can't have these times forever
So take the time to hold em while you can
But one day you'll blink and they'll be gone.
So hug em and hold em
Kiss em and Love em
A kiss for dear ole Dad ain't that bad
And do all this while you still can