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Sacramento, California, United States

Sacramento, California, United States
Band R&B Hip Hop




"Next Real Music"

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Jay Jai - Variety Pack (Variety Pack Ent)
"Urban, pop, rock. All of these ingredients create a new trend of music. A new era of sound, a rare blend of creative energy called Variety Pack." Jay Jai is 20 something years old and from California. During the late 90's he was in a Bay Area R&B group. Now he has set out to push the envelope creativity. Let's see if he achieves it.

The first track "Drop That" has a P-funk feel to it, especially with the singing in the chorus and the keyboards. The song is pretty slow. I'm feeling the rapping on here.

On "Something" you are greeted with a haunting bass which is tight for the car. I gotta give it to them that they at least come up with original hooks.

"G.T.P.W.T.W." or Give The People What They Want is a better track. In fact I think it's the first track so far that sounds pretty decent. Reminds me of a mellow 36 Mafia style. Here he is talking about what people like.

"Malibu" is a track that particularly stands out. Production wize and rhyming is tight. Damn there's some heavy bass on here.

"Put It Down" is like a freaky R&Bish style track, similiar to shit like H-Town. Hey this is a good song. I'm feeling this.

Probably my favourite one on here has got to be "Finer Things". On this one the emcee comes across stronger in the style he's rapping. I'd like to hear more tracks like this coming from Jay Jai.

In terms of originality listen to the last song, "The Pain". Strange production and song structure.

Overall I would have to say that this is a distinctive album. What I did not like was that it did at times come across as too clean cut. Clean cut as in terms of the mastering, which to my ear seems that it would've been more suited to rock music. There are clearly strong tracks on here which would allow Jay Jai to carry on with his career. Personally I believe this album is a step in the right direction but more focus should be placed on the vocal deliveries.

Dopest Tracks:
Put It Down
Finer Things

Added: 2004-04-05
Reviewer: AG Militia
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I'm a fan
author: danelle
I Like the variety that jay jai's cd's give's you I think that's cool

i love your style
author: la la
veary unique creative and edgey, and i love that. this cd is great

hot!!!! the cd is just hot
author: vince
i like the fact that the cd has all types of styles hip hop r&b and some old school i dig that
. - cdbaby

"Smooth and polished R&B Collection"

Digital Museum,” the new 7-song digital-only release from Jay Jai, is a smooth and polished R&B collection showcasing a singer with all the seductive powers of the genre’s great crooners. With beats and tunes as fresh as they are danceable, Jay Jai’s contemporary R&B style (think Ne-Yo, The Dream, and Chris Brown) is a sexy mix that will open ears as surely as it turns heads. Exhorting his ladies with the skills of a true playa, “Slow Step” and “Dress You” virtually boil over with the singer’s come-on, while “After Party,” an infectious piece of nasty-as-we-wanna-be bravado - with a groove to match, is contemporary soul at its down and dirty best. The fine ballad, “Particular,” has a solemn feel that shows Jay Jai’s emotional range to fine effect, suggesting there is a lot more depth to be revealed as the singer continues to grow and mature as an artist. As perfect for the dance floor as it is for intimate moments, Jay Jai’s “Digital Museum” is sure to please contemporary R&B/Urban Pop fans with its sweet, seductive, and brazenly insistent grooves. - author: Rice B. and the RadioIndy.com Reviewer Team


varietypack (2004) closet beats (2005) digital museum (2009)
Party Lights (2011)



Jay Jai, California native has taken his childhood fantasy to a new level. From the age of ten, he has wanted to break into the music industry. Jay Jai got his start as part of an R&B group doing shows throughout the San Francisco Bay Area during the early to late 90’s. Since then he has focused on production which is his passion. Music has always been a favorite past time. He researches music, always listening in an absorptive manner. For him, it’s a way of “staying on top of the game.” Other interests include travel and people watching. He finds watching the varied interactions of others an effective way of learning about people. This perceived introvert transforms quickly once on stage, taking full command of his audience and shines through his music. Creativity is key to Jay Jai, and his list of musical favorites include- Prince, Timbaland, and R.Kelly. Jay Jai is open to any musical experience which is the basis of his vision for Vorieti Pack Entertainment and his break through album Variety Pack; which has earned him a great deal of attention in the Bay Area. This assortment of beats, versatility, skill, and personality ring of harmonic flows and is definitely a combination music lovers can appreciate. Ultimately, the dream of Variety Pack (and Vorieti Pack Entertainment) is to “push the envelope of creativity, and take the game to a new level.” Urban, Pop, Rap, Rock. All of these ingredients create a new trend of music. A new era of sound, a rare blend of creative energy called Variety Pack. This definitely is not for the closed-minded individual.