The sound created by the notable guitar melodies, bouncy bass lines, smooth vocals, and intricate drums in Jaykapolla is diverse and eclectic, original and creative, energetic yet intimate, it is a sound that works.


“We just want to get our music OUT THERE…”

- - A modest statement from Nate Matulis, bassist and co-creator of the up-and-coming Philly–based independent/pop band, Wigwam. The band’s self-proclaimed “feel good” music will undoubtedly triumph the rising independent scene in suburban Philadelphia and beyond. As a whole, the members are a true semblance of the untapped teenage talent existent in suburban America.

In April of 2009, Richie DiGiorgio, Sean Hannah, Nate Matulis, and Shane Woods found something that their high school friends had not yet uncovered: a sound that was diverse and eclectic, original and creative, energetic yet intimate – a sound that worked.
Initiated first by Hannah, guitarist, and Matulis, bassist, Wigwam, of Yardley, Pennsylvania, now includes the smooth vocals of Richie DiGiorgio and the rhythmic intricacies of drummer Shane Woods. Originally the band performed alongside a montage of musicians and local groups at charity events throughout the area, but now – with an (album? EP?) to drop in (date?) – Wigwam has higher aspirations.
“We just want to get our music out there,” says Matulis, a former Pennsbury High School student now at the University of Pittsburgh. They’ve begun to do just that, recently playing a larger show with the acclaimed independent folk band Good Old War for a sizeable crowd. Wigwam was well received by both their fans and the headliner, as Good Old War expressed that they “dig” the band. Local fans loved the performance; the stage presence and the energy of the band are like none other’s in the area.
Now practicing almost daily, the band hopes to expand their fan base by generating new sounds and ideas in the studio. This might come more easily than expected, as dedication for this group is in instinct. “We practice to play as tight as possible and to make sure the next show is always better than the one before,” says Woods, a senior at Pennsbury. The band’s influences are numerous, including such names as Anthony Green, Dave Matthews, Victor Wooten, and Andrew Forsman.
While other teenage bands in might lack the motivation and musical integrity to produce a likable product, Wigwam thinks not only of their personal musical ambitions, but also of the changing ear of today’s listeners. For Wigwam, music is not just for kicks – it’s a means of creating of beauty and fueling inspiration for fans both at home and abroad.



Written By: Jaykapolla

Sitting on the other side of the room, want to but I don't know what to do. Don't say a word, no nothing at all, I want to chase you but I know I will fall. Not a surprise, it's happened before. I'm chasing you but you keep shutting the door. I'm gonna get you in the very end. Because I want to, because I want to.

You keep getting ahead, I'm falling behind. I guess I'll keep running, and running, and running. I don't know what to do for the rest of my life. I guess I'll keep running right after you.

Walking down the street next to you. Don't know why you think the way you do. Maybe I'll go through after all. I can't get hurt because I'm invincible. Now I can see the time is right. I don't want to go through this tonight. Will this maze to the sky ever end? Because I want to, because I want to.


I'm falling, falling for you



The Wigwam EP - to be released in Spring 2010 independently

Set List

Original Songs:
The Only Way to Alleviate
Let Me Tell You Something Crazy
Crystal Ball

Open to Cover Requests