Jase Laba

Jase Laba


Enjoyable acoustic musician who provides a perfect balance of original material as well as crowd favourites


Born in the small but comfortable town of Leamington, ON, Jason grew up with the love of music always evident. While in high school Jay picked up his first guitar from the local music store, and from there began playing. Self taught and self driven Jay was determined to learn songs from his idols such as Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, Tom Petty, and of course Led Zeppelin.

Now older, Jason prefers the original sound of musicians to the cover songs, however the covers get you booked (lol). Jason's blends of acoustic favorites as well as alternative influences have helped pave the way for his original songwriting to become accepted and enjoyed.

Along the way and within the walls of smoky bars and local parties, Jason has made several friends in the business that all share the same dream as him, to one day sing for the masses. It is a dream every musician shares, including himself.

Jason has begun work on his first album entitled "Pictures of My Mind” and looks to have it released in the beginning months of 2005. The acoustic album promises to be one that will catch the ear of whomever listens to it.

Drop us a line anytime, the light is always on.


"Pictures of My Mind" Album - To be released Winter 2004

Set List

Typical Set is usually approx. 20-25 songs ranges from 1 - 1 1/2 hours. Complete show could last from 3 hours - 5 hours

It is a blend of Original and Cover Music.

Original Music:

Performed by Jay Laba


Barenaked Ladies
Tragically Hip
Bob Seger
Bob Dylan
Tom Petty