Oakland, California, USA
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A sound for all, corporate urban Rap/hipHop music.


Rap artist known as Jayleez! CEO & Artist of Rock Child Entertainment LLC, Jayleez is
touted as the lovechild of both g-funk era Los Angeles, fused with the
hyphy Oakland upbringing. His custom approach to music is one that
can make anyone appreciate the music; down to earth lyrics under
glossy imagery is painted in every verse.

With his brand new album appropriately entitled “Solid,” Jayleez hopes
to affect the international music scene, start a new positive movement
that the rap world is thirsty for today, and sign new and emerging
artists under the Rock Child umbrella. Jayleez performs his “Solid”
hits “Got Me” and “Move Mean” at least twice a month at clubs and
venues all across the Bay Area including Sacramento and Las Vegas

Jayleez has worked with:

Tha Razor ( Ice Cube WC video cameo)
Dwane Wiggins (Tone Toni Tony)
Money B
Mistah Fab


Got Me: ITunes, Mp3 Amamzon

Move Mean: ITunes

Don't Hate

Have it all Ft Lady Nay

Ghost Ride

I Be


Big Body Chevy

Black and Yellow