Jaylyn Ducati

Jaylyn Ducati

 New York City, New York, USA

The Future of music - Feel good music that makes you want to get up and dance.. Im Going to Rock your World!

Top 40 meets Dance Electro



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Singer-Songwriter, Jaylyn Ducati, was born in
Brooklyn, New York just over 20 years ago. She has
devoted a large portion of that time to becoming the brand
that she is today! While growing-up, Jaylyn was known to
be the rebel who never really followed the rules. A girl with
her own vision of what the world should be, she began
making preparations to take the world by storm. This is
heard clearly in her music as she disregards the limits of
“genre” and incorporates the best elements of Pop, Dance,
and Dubstep styles. Blessed with an angelic voice from
birth, Jaylyn continues to perfect her gift. In addition to
studying music at the acclaimed LaGuardia High School of
Performing Arts, she has had the privilege of taking private
instruction with the world renowned Dr. William Riley (who
has also mentored the likes of Celine Dion and Whitney
Houston). Born to be an artist, she has killer looks and
voluptuous curves to add to her list of talents. To top it all
off, Jaylyn's personality is nothing less than infectious! She
has that certain something that "lights up a room" when she
walks in to it.

After graduating high school, her parents fully
supported her decision to take her music to yet another
level! During this time she recorded a demo with
industry power players such as Bryan Michael Cox,
Adonis, and others. When searching for a label, she
was turned down at the former record label Jive
Records. The A&R told her that she would never be
able to sell R&B. This experience taught Jaylyn that she
needed to find her musical identity. That was when she
decided to cross over into the dance world from her
earlier roots in R&B. Not having any contacts in Dance
music, Jaylyn took to her Myspace music page and
began to network. It is there, that she came into contact
with Dance producer Sean Kaplan. He was interested in
cutting a few tracks with her. At his studio in Queens,
NY, she made three songs and met her devoted
manager, Jared Overeem.
Seeing her potential for worldwide success,
Jared told her that talent was not enough, and that she
would have to learn how to perform her songs. With the
assistance of choreographer Julie Fazio, they
auditioned dancers and rehearsed 5 hours a day. When
she wasn't polishing her moves on stage, Jared had her
working out with trainer Charity Staab.

What then followed in suit, was a tour in the
Greater Tri-State New York area, that was nothing less
than a hallmark victory for the Ducati team. Faced with
issues such as age, where the shows were booked in
clubs 21 and older (and the girls only being 19 at the
oldest, needed fake ID's just to get in!), they overcame
all obstacles and became a well in demand performing
act! After five shows, the girls called themselves Jaylyn
Ducati and the Sirens. Known for sexy performances,
their shows were so well rehearsed that soon every club
promoter in New York wanted to book them and they
quickly made a name for themselves in the
underground club scene. Jaylyn Ducati and the Sirens
performed over 150 shows in less than two years time.
Not one to rest on her laurels, Jaylyn used the
money from the club tour to fund her independently
released project. The album was released in every Best
Buy™ store in the United States, making Jaylyn one of
the first independent Pop/Dance artists to accomplish
this. She released, "Play the Wall" as the single for the
project. It was met with great success, gaining airplay
on mix shows all over the US. In a short time, the song
had over two million plays on her Myspace website. An
official video for the song was released in response to
her thousands of downloads and fans.

Having already made a name for herself
independently, it was now time to see what being signed to a
major label could d


"How we gettin Home" Ronnie Magro-Jersey Shore
(June 2012)

"Disco Dangers" Produced By Skrillex ) (May 2012)

“Beat Dat Beat” Jersey Shore Soundtrack (7/20/10)
MTV’s Pauly D
- Universal Republic

“Long Run” produced by DJ SKRIBBLE (6/22/10)
-Robbins ENT, Sony BMG

“Shut You Down” (Free Download) produced by The
Extraordinary Gentlemen (2011)
-Overdrive – Productions

“Play the Wall” produced by SCLASS (2008)
- Overdrive productions


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