The Day The School Went Wild

The Day The School Went Wild

 Bayside, New York, USA
DuoFolkChildren's Music

"Jay Mankita jumps up and down with a big grin on his face, playing incredible guitar, getting everyone laughing. Moments later, he's doing a dead serious song, with no accompaniment. Come hear this guy...I think he's one of the half dozen best songwriters today." - quoted from Pete Seeger


"I thought that the performance was very informative for the students. The students loved the speed of the show and the content. Overall it was great!" - Jessica Pearson, 3rd grade, Caryl E. Adams Primary School

(Jay Mankita has presented songs and stories for audiences of all ages, in over 1000 schools, libraries, and other venues for over 25 years.)

Audio CDs & TeacherĂ‚’s Guides provide guidance and information so that classroom activities can link the ecological principles of the concert with the on-going curriculum, and help create a context for the show.

Concerts can be presented as whole-school assemblies or tailored to individual grade levels. I bring my own sound system, and a beautiful, hand-painted tree to set the scene and decorate the stage. Although the concert is entirely participatory, kids stay seated during the show, although I often bring up a few volunteers.

This is not a concert which educates on the specifics of ecology, but rather one which seeks to inspire and motivate towards a greater appreciation and awareness of our natural world. The message throughout the show promotes respect for ourselves, each other, and our planet, and reminds children that every one of us can help to make a better world, each in our own way.


The Day The Library Went Wild
Dogs Are Watching Us
Morning Face
The Amazing Time Travel Show
Jay Mankita

Set List

A typical assembly concert ranges from 45 minutes to an hour, depending on your needs. I generally tell a couple of interactive stories along with the songs. I send audio CDs before the show, so students can learn the choruses to some of the songs. All the material has a positive, ethical feel.