Jay Matthews

Jay Matthews

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Basically we are trying to set up a few shows across the country before the official releasing as we need to make a few adjusts before the official tour begins. The artist will be release on November 12th.

Thank you in advantage for your consideration!

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Jeremy Matthew Wible (born December 25, 1988), best known by his stage name Jay Matthews, is an
American Hip-Hop/R&B Artist. Born in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and raised in Michigan. Jay
Matthews released his debut EP, Before The Dream, in 2011 through his independent record label, prior
to signing a contract with SMG Records (Sony Records). The EP produced his first breakthrough single
“Winter Heart” which drew the attention of fans, record labels, and radio stations globally. Jay
Matthews is currently residing in San Diego, CA where he is currently recording his first major album,
“Dreams and Microphones” due out later 2011. After all the buzz, the debut album has finally been
named.. Dreams and Microphones! Dreams and Microphones will feature 15 brand new songs, with
features from some of today's most respected artists.