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Copperas Cove, Texas, United States

Copperas Cove, Texas, United States
Hip Hop Christian




"Newspaper article in Copperas Cove Daily Herald"

““For most people, I am the first Christian rapper they have ever heard,” Mayberry said. “If I can change one person and bring them to Christ, that’s my goal.” Claudia Daniels, a 17 year-old Copperas Cove High School senior, danced, screamed and sang along at the concert Saturday “I love Christian rap,” she said. “It’s the best of both worlds. The beat hits my heart, and the message is amazing. It’s awesome.”” - Cove Daily Herald - Wendy Sledd

"Interview on Yadah Da King Podcast"

Yadah Da King Radio sat down with the CEO of Double Sword Records and Artist JayMay. We chopped it up about his music and ministry and the benefits of him taking some time of to refocus. He shared how he came to Christ through relationships in the military. We also got to get some of his newest music on the show and he wants to share it with you as well for FREE. Simply go to his website www.Jaymayonline.com and put in the download code YadahDaKing. We also chopped it up about our past weekend with the event and title of our show Linked Up. Who Should we be linked up with and why? AND When do we need to separate ourselves from others? - Yadah Da King

"Interview on NIACOM Radio Show"

NIACOM welcomes JayMay (a.k.a. Jamison Mayberry) to the platform!! JayMay’s new CD project is out and his song/video for “Light Shine” aims to encourage and inspire believers to shine their lights to a dark world. This high energy song ignites and spark.

Tune in to NIACOM this Thursday night @ 8pm as we explore JayMay's music and his real life, up close and personal on "the platform!" - Michael Anthony Johnson

"Christian Rapper JayMay brings the Heat With Winter Classics"

It’s been two years since the Christian rap community has heard from JayMay. Those who follow this gospel rapper, know that prior to this new release, his last project was a feature on the Holy Hip Hop Volume 5 and the praise worthy album release “We Live Praise”. JayMay is “switching lanes’ as he returns from a two year hiatus heating up the speakers with “The Winter Classics EP”.

JayMayis not a member of Gospel Elevations yet, and maybe one day he will. To hear and see how God is using other Christian Rappers around the world visit the free exposure site for Gospel Rappers, Holy Hip Hop Rappers, or Christian Rappers visit http://www.gospelelevations.net.

The Winter Classics is a six song recording that captivates energy and passion that demand the attention of listeners. With a variety of topics that include dealing with talkative people on “Switch Lanes” to maintaining values and morals on “Family Guy” the diversity compels you to stay engaged as the songs flow with consistency.

For you D-Maub supporters, then you wanna cop this project. JayMay gets assistance from One Route Entertainment’s lyricist D-Maub on “P.U.S.H. (Pray Until Something Happen)”, along with Detroit’s on Snapp, they make this collaboration a multiplex treat for listening ears.

This EP will help reintroduce JayMay to the bulging Christian Rap community and give a preview to his upcoming 3rd studio album “For His Glory” currently scheduled for fall debut. JayMay’s background plays a vital role in the creation of his music. He was born and raised on Detroit’s Westside graduating from Henry Ford High School. He joined the Army in 1994 and has been stationed in five different locations including a deployment to Iraq.

Music is just a small portion of his life; he is still serving in U.S. Army currently stationed in Michigan as a recruiter, and he serves in his local church and the community. He aims to not only reach those around him with the Gospel but also teach them. JayMay is a graduate of Colorado Christian University and has earned certification in Biblical Studies.

He has shared the stage with some of music’s well known artist such as Canton Jones, tobyMac, Da T.R.U.T.H., Jeremy Camp, Lecrae, KJ-52, Tripp Lee, Tedashii, K-Drama, Kurtis Blow, BB-Jay, S.O.C.O.M., Da Clay and many more. He’s ministered and performed at numerous events across the globe from the United States, Italy, Germany and Iraq. For booking and more information visit www.jaymayonline.com The EP will be available at doubleswordrecords.com, jaymayonline.com, iTunes, Rhapsody and all other online locations.

At Gospel Elevations we believe that everyone who ministers through gospel rap should be given a chance to share what God is doing through them. We offer free exposure to artist from around the world. If you know of any events in your area we Christian rappers are ministering please let us know. - Gospel Elevations

"JayMay Signs with Tate Music Group to release "For His Glory""

Christian rap artist Jamie “JayMay” Mayberry has partnered with Christian recording company Tate Music Group to release his third full length project titled “For His Glory”. This album is set to release in the spring of 2011. (push back to 2012) JayMay stated “I am extremely excited about this opportunity to team with a company that has a proven track record of successful releases and operate with the same faith in Christ as I. With our experience and dedication we hope this next project will make a huge impact on people.” Tate Music Group

With this album expect the same praised infused rhymes over hard hitting beats, but this time JayMay intends to take listeners down the road of life after one has received salvation. This project will help to answer the question how do we live totally For His Glory? JayMay has currently released a single through Jango.com titled “Praise God” that will be featured on this album. Listen to it on his page jango.com/jaymay Stay tuned here for updates on the album’s progress. - JayMayOnline.com

"We Live Praise: Album Review"

Reviewed by Robin Thompson

This is the debut album from a Colorado Springs-based rap artist and quite a fine debut it is too. 18 original songs (is that a record for a non-compilation?) fill this CD and echo JayMay’s mission statement – “To bring holy hip-hop to the Church and to the streets, putting God’s word over beats.” And he certainly does that, exploring oft-sung themes but with an approach that is quite fresh and invigorating. There are no great strides in theology here, but a real sense that God is as fresh and as new as ever. My favourite song is “Praise Him Mo’” which has one of those hooks that attaches itself to the inside of your head like a limpet and won’t let go. The emphasis is very much on the words, rather than the beats, which means that this isn’t one of those boom-boom hip-hop albums – so if you’re looking for thumping bass you’re looking in the wrong direction. You’re more likely to end up in a web of words because this album tends to nag at you – but in a good way! An impressive debut.

View Cross Rhythms.com website

About Cross Rhythms

Cross Rhythms is typified by using contemporary Christian music that can culturally engage with people who are outside the churches in today’s society. Cross Rhythms has also looked to communicate the Christian faith in a language that is accessible to contemporary culture but doesn’t water down it’s truths. For please visit

http://www.crossrhythms.co.uk/ - Cross Rhythms.com

"JayMay Interview"

How are you today?
I am doing great today, just loving life!

Lets start by introducing yourself

My name is Jamerson Mayberry and my stage name is JayMay a short version of my name.

Where do you fellowship?
at Church For All Nations in Colorado Springs, CO

Are you originally from Philadelphia? If not, what is your hometown?
I am from Detroit, MI but live out west in Colorado

Are you currently a student or have you graduated from college? If yes, what college & major?

No , but I have taken classes here and there

Tell us your salvation story. When did you come to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ?

Okay stay with me on this!....One day around June in 2001 I was driving on a road trip with my family and it was pretty late everyone was sleep in the car, Slowly I felt something come over me telling me to change my ways, it was like a presence something I had never before felt in my life!! (At the time I didn’t know what it was but I now know it was the Holy Spirit) Later that week I would have dreams about light and darkness, and my life and stuff. Then I was at an appointment, while waiting I picked up a magazine and read an article on TD Jakes, during this time I had never seen him I just heard about him. Then later that evening I was flipping the channels in at home on my bed. When I stopped on a sermon that TD Jakes just happen to be preaching! This literally change my life! When I heard that sermon I then knew that God was trying to reach out to me, he’s always knocking at out hearts door and at that moment I finally let Him in. It took a while for me to finally accept this salvation and give my life to Christ but I eventually did in October 2001. My life has been better ever since!

How did you get started musically?

I started rapping when I was 16, you know the typical story grew up influenced by hip hop culture and everyone wanted to be rappers. When I joined the military I rapped with a couple of groups and we actually put out 2 albums. The last one was done the beginning of the year I got saved!

How long have you been doing what you do musically?
I have been rapping for Jesus for like 3 years now.

What is your ultimate vision of goal with your music?
My ultimate vision is for people to use my music as a reference to get them sparked up about finding scriptures! That’s one reason why I like to use God’s word so much in it because the best way to remember things is make it a song so, I like to have songs with the word in it because that’s what will last! My own words will fade away but Gods word will stand.

Please tell us a testimony of how someone came to know Christ or was discipled or edified through your music.

When we were in Italy on the last day of the event we did a alter call there was a translater on the stage with us. And I was saying the prayer of salvation and ask if you want to accept Christ come to the stage and we would pray with you. Well no one came!!! So I didn’t think much of it because I done what God put on my heart. Later on there was a Italien guy who came to me and was saying “thank you this changed my life” He didn’t speak much English but I knew he was talking about him giving his life to Christ

What type of music do you listen to? What genres and artists?

I listen to all Holy Hip Hop, and gospel, praise and worship. Some of my favorite artist are J Moss, Fred Hammond, Cross Movement, Corey Red and Precise, Knine, K-Drama, and a lot of others!

How many albums or EPs do you have out (please list the names of each one, and the release dates), and where can people buy them?

“D.E.S Demo Raw and UnMastered”

In July we will release “Double Edge Sword”

You can get them on the website www.doubleswordrecords.com

What’s your favorite track off your newest album or EP and why? If there was one word to sum up that song, what would it be?
Off the new album my favorite song is “I’m Saved” to sum it up in one word it would be "exprienced"

What are the differences of the new CD from your previous releases?
Well this new one is just the first official release, the EP was just a mix of some of the songs that will be on the album

What record label are you signed with, or is this an independent project?
I am signed with Fly Away Records, but this album will be released on the label I co-own which is Double Edge Sword Records

Where can we buy your music online?
At our website or on www.cdfreedom.com

Do you have a band website?

Favorite scripture:
Proverbs 3:5-6

What is your favorite website addresses?
www.urbanweblink.com , www.holyhiphop.com, www.holycultureradio.com, www.wtwmagazine.com, to name a few.

What is your favorite sports teams?
The Detroit Pistons, they will defend the title! The Detroit Lions, and just about any team from Detroit and Michigan!

Any special message or hello for our listeners or other musicians (this q - The Urban Weblink

"JayMay Interview In God's Favor News Letter"

Bring Da Noiz!

1. When u are writing what is the message for your listeners?
The message I want to get across is the gospel of Jesus Christ. I want them to know that the Lord is a loving God who forgives of sin regardless of what the situation is. He is waiting with His arms open for people to return back to Him. That is what I believe God wants me to tell them that He loves them and want them back.

2. You’ve been doing this for how long? Why did you choose Holy Hip Hop?
I started rapping when I was sixteen, but doing secular like many of the gospel rappers today. I believe that doing it that way then only paved the way for me doing it God’s way now. In Romans 8:28 it says “and we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose”. So the time I was doing secular was only a learning process for when my conversion would come and switch to preaching the Gospel with this music.
As for Holy Hip Hop it was just natural. Once I became saved the love for rap music did not go away, just the method of it had to change. I still loved rap music but I knew deep down in my spirit I could not be effective for the Kingdom still reciting Jay-Z lyrics, so God slowly purged that away from me. When I heard my first Gospel Rap CD by Ambassador of Cross Movement it opened my eyes!! I was like Wow! You can listen to good rap music that is biblically sound and banging! So after that and a series of other circumstances God showed me that this is for me.

3. Do you produce your own music or use other producers?
I do not produce at all; I use different producers who are really out there making great music for the Kingdom. On my new album titled “We Live Praise” it has production by Msimp of Kingdom Music Productions, UnknowN, Big Ran, Genuine Life Productions, and a host of others.

4. Holy Hip Hop is still new to some. Do you separate gospel from Hip Hop?
Yes because the Gospel is the good news it is the message of Jesus Christ who died for our sins, rose from the grave and through belief in Him we can have eternal life. The gospel can be preached through any medium possible. Hip Hop is just the preferred method that we use at Double Edge Sword Records. This gospel will be preached everywhere just like Jesus commissioned the disciples to do until He return, but now through Hip Hop music people all over the world are being reached an impacted with this message and coming to salvation in Christ.


- Sham


Still working on that hot first release.



Jay Mayberry better known as JayMay is a rap artist that creates inspirational Christian themed music. He aims to inspire, provoke and move listeners towards a better understanding of God and how He speaks to everyday people. With rap music being the vehicle for this expression, JayMay hopes to capture the heart and minds of people with catchy, easy music for all to enjoy. From living a reckless life saturated with drugs, crime and violence, to dedicating his life to Christ, raising a family, earning a college degree and committing 20 years to his country by serving in the United States Army; he reflects on the ups and downs of life while giving advice, encouragement and ideas on how to navigate through it successfully.

His upcoming project “Life, Love and Relationships” will facilitate this and serve as a guide and inspirational tool to accomplish this. His previous work includes “For His Glory”, “The Winter Classics EP”, “We Live Praise” and “Double Edge Sword” which are available online at all digital outlets. Remember - Music creates the theme of our lives and it is through our experiences, challenges, and victories that we connect to the variety of tunes that make us who we are.