Jay Merrill

Jay Merrill


Music takes influence from many different areas and it's hard to say where it comes from. It just sounds perfect when it comes out right.


Jason began his musical addiction at the age of 12 joining his school music program and serving as percussionist for his school's concert and jazz bands. In high school he began a relationship with Stella Terhart - renowned Canadian composer. It was then he realized the possibilities of writing and performing. She "forced" him into some very nerve ending situations; often accompanying her when she would play local theater shows. Sometimes complicated parts; and some where he would play just a block and a stick with her on piano. Jay spent his breaks and lunch with her in the music room learning modes and scales on the piano and translating them to his new love - The Guitar. After graduating Jay attended Mcgill University in Montreal studying for an Arts degree with a Music major and a Philosophy minor. Studying counterpoint and harmony during the day and learning the ropes at night from local jazz musicians he gained a love for free form jazz and world concepts. Coupled with taking private lessons from guitar master Leroi Fisk, Jay had a unique opportunity to perform with a band called Test Pilot at the Montreal Jazz and Blues festival.
It was at that time that he experienced what musicians call an out of body experience - a religious style understanding of music and harmony with people and events happening in front and all around you. After not sleeping all night out of pure excitement he decided he wanted to play music for the rest of his life.
Since then Jay has played in various groups in and around the Maritimes - most notable being "Gordon Gets Lost" - a quartet who found much success in the jam scene.
Today Jay lives in St. Andrews New Brunswick where he works with local band TIGL as their drummer and in presently composing with Ryan Leblanc (also of St. Andrews) a theater style music, art, and poetry project named "A Sound Mind".


Round Me Down

Written By: Gordon Gets Lost

Two broken lines on the street with the sheep and my mind's of stone and fire. What is this scene that I see in the green with my reflection so set on the wire?
Two broken tracks leave me caught on the fence a mastered illusion in style, a manaquin face on the man of the hour spoiling his morning attire.
A hologram mask on the side of the moon lets us cycle in seaons again. With 6 tiny sticks flying high in the sky... a new child is born to buy.
The earth man inclined with his eyes on the prize, a fortune of rubies and swine. But what will it mean when he's beaneath the scene; stuck in his morning attire.

Water Street

Written By: Gordon Gets Lost

Well it's 6am, I'm on my feet again
I roll to the curb, it's all downhill
I'm on water street
And I can see the view
It's a patty wagon party doll
With lips that stick
And everyone's in awe
As she came from the bricks
Where once there was a wall
And she waltzed from here
to the moon
Came back right away
And sat down soon
Now I'm on top
Wondering where I've gone
These poorly printed photographs
Please tell me who I am
Shown to her might insight
A glimpse into my land
But as I gazed upon her so
At leaps and bounds I worried so
Cause in her eyes
I saw what she screamed
She said, Is it my time?
Is it my time to go?
And are the demons in control
of you too?
I said hold on a sec, sister,
just wait a sec
You just walked through a wall
How am I suppose to handle that
A quick slap to the face
Now common and deal with that
Do these demons wanna see a show?
Well It's 4am I nuzzle in
Two Hours to go and I'll begin
As I roll to the curb
To see the view.


Written By: Gordon Gets Lost

Well I was headin'
Down to Tennessee
I was feedin' an old dog
His name was me
I was running away
From the Lord
And these overalls
make me feel like a Cobra
Don't got to beleive me
But at least I told yah
That these overalls make
Me feel like a Cobra

When I was headin' down
to Tennessee and chasing
An old gal to be with me
Blind dog take me home
Well I got a woman and
She treats me mean
She treats me alright
Almost every day
But somehow that's alright
With Me


Written By: Jay Merrill

Holiday and summer Ray Bans
Cooling down the system fan alone
I stand for those alone
the sick the weak and tired
Your twisted plan
The death of Man
Won't Fly
Can you hear me?
Can you hear me now?
With time has come a way
To Follow Through


Written By: Jay Merrill

Two White Squares
On a flottop Cigarette Tray
Last glass of wine and words to say
If you can't say nothing
Don't say nothing at all
My forgiveness my love will
be the way

An evening with this masterpiece
I fall in love
Strap me down
Turn me Down
Turn me Down
When the right time comes
You will feel it
You will feel it
A night alone
A bit of luck
a glass of wine
another song

Well it must have been funky
It must have been a real good time
It must have been something
To get me of fyour mind.


The Jenna sessions - 2008
ID406 - 2006

Set List

15-20 songs that I choose from that are original and consist of a whole load of specials beeps and floating alter sounds.