Jaymie Elliott

Jaymie Elliott

 Burbank, California, USA

Jaymie Elliott: nominated for Pop Single of the Year for 'Black Magic,' by the L.A. Music Awards. Not one to rely on just her very capable voice, she is a true “show person,” staging her shows with dancers, wardrobe changes and high energy.


Originally from Albuquerque, New Mexico, but now calling Los Angeles her home, Jaymie Elliott is quickly making her mark on the music scene. A singer as long as she can remember, Elliott is wowing audiences with her unique style and vocals, proving that actually being able to sing is still important to music success. Elliott did not come to L.A. to be a carbon copy of other singers. She came to show what she can do and to put her own unique stamp on the industry. Elliott has already recorded her first EP with her writer and producer, Porter, and she is preparing to introduce her music to an even wider audience. “I have been preparing myself for this opportunity since I was little,” Elliott explained. “I am not going to waste this chance. I know I bring something to the table and I give my all to my music and my performances. What I sing is not from some formula, it is real and it is from the heart. I think people who hear me and come see me perform feel this and I know it makes a difference in the music and to the person listening or watching.” ?Elliott is already working on new music and is always working on her live performances, something she takes very seriously. Not one to rely on just her very capable voice, she is a true “show person,” staging her shows with dancers, wardrobe changes and high energy.


Black Magic

Written By: Porter

Black Magic

I’m the thrill of the night, I’m comin’ alive
I’m comin’ to get ya with a black cat by my side
Reading your future in my crystal ball
You’re gonna obey like a good voodoo doll
You are getting very sleepy
When you wake, deep in love you’ll be
Fortune tellers never lie
Suck my love potion till it’s dry!

Black Magic - castin’ a spell,
Black Magic - ringin’ your bell (a bat outta hell)
Black Magic - I guarantee (you’ll never be free)
Black Magic – your darkest fantasy, come on!
Black Magic, Black Magic, Black Magic, Black Magic

Don’t try to escape, there’s nowhere to run
I’m comin’ to love ya and the fun has just begun
Spinnin’ your head ‘round until you’re lovesick
I’ll take you to heaven riding my broomstick
You are getting very sleepy
Fall in love with first face you see
Written by your Zodiac
Once you come, there’s no goin’ back!


Stare deep into my eyes, baby
Relax, let my love hypnotize
Slip into ecstasy…
Now eat your Black Magic apple
‘Cause we’re goin’ to the chapel, guitar!




Written By: Porter


Ragdoll ain’t my name
You call me Ragdoll just the same
Never gonna love you again
And I won’t pretend that I’m your friend

This is your Ragdoll sayin’ goodbye
This is your Ragdoll livin’ her life
Into the great wide open sky
Don’t you see your Ragdoll is a butterfly?

Ragdoll’s love was all in vain
You brought Ragdoll nothin’ but pain
You’ll never know what love could have been
How sad for you - it had to end


Strange how I once loved you
And almost believed that you cared
Too afraid to say this Ragdoll won’t be put away
But I am no longer scared. . .



Written By: Porter


When it’s dark and you have no spark
To light your way back home
Night has fallen, you feel small
And you’re out there on your own
All you see is a galaxy
So far away and cold
Well, I got light that burns so bright
Let me be your guide tonight

Open your eyes, you got a reason
To keep hope alive…

LoveStar--Burning bright for you each night, I’m your-
LoveStar--Forever be where you can see
Sending love to where you are--I’ll always be there
Shining bright from my LoveStar –LoveStar…

I’ve been there, so alone and scared
I know just how you feel
When someone takes, and something breaks
The pain can be too real
All we are is shooting stars
But we will not burn out
The love you give long as you live
Will live forever and ever and ever…


Whatever endeavor is taking forever because of whoever
You never think you’ll find peace
Just look over your shoulder and know that you’ll find me…
I’ll keep the light on for you


Sweet Obsession

Written By: Porter


You seem to think that you are the boss
As if you could control me
High heels, handbag and cherry lip gloss
Make no mistake about it, you’re mine
Don’t get me wrong, just get it on, work it for me
Snapping my thong, show me how strong – strong you can be
You oughta know by now
Take it from me, you better believe

This ain’t no love connection
I’m just your Sweet Obsession
This ain’t no love connection
I’m just your Sweet Obsession
I ain’t no man’s possession
I’ve got a small confession
I’m just your Sweet Obsession, Sweet Obsession baby…

You act like I am doing you wrong
Oh please just cry me a river
To be with me you gots to be strong
I’m a wild ride, you better hold on
I’ll show you the place I keep my ace right in between
I’ll give you the space under my lace, soft velveteen
All this and more is yours
Ain’t gonna lose if you play by my rules


Don’t try to obtain a love like mine it’s all in vain
Don’t try to obtain a love like mine it’s all in vain


Written By: Porter


I-I-I ain’t lookin’ for romance
But you-you-you may get the chance
‘Cause I like the man I see, honey
You might be the one for me
I am what I am won’t apologize
You can read my lips I won’t disguise
Said I am what I am and I see your eyes
Are hypnotized by my thighs

Rapture when I wrap my legs around you
Rapture, you’ll be so lucky I found you
Rapture, I got no reason to lie baby
I’ll be your queen if your king enough to try for my
Rapture, Rapture baby…

I-I-I ain’t gonna compromise
I’ll take-take-take you by surprise
‘Cause I’m gonna get what I deserve, observe
The sexy way I work my curves
Just wanna find me a real man
You can hold my hips or you can hold my hand
Said I just wanna find one who knows he can
Can understand a real woman


Show me how you work it on the dance floor, baby
Show me how you work it on the dance floor, baby ya…

(1st verse)