Jay Mishur

Jay Mishur


Rock drummer with the influences of: Steve Smith, Dave Weckl, Steve Gadd, Peter Erskin, Steve Jordan, Neil Pert, Alex Van Halen, John Bonham, Rod Morganstein, Johnathan Mover.


I have been playing drums for 29 years and have extensive experience in both live performance and studio recording. I also have lots of experience playing with a click or sequence live or in the recording studio. A few of the most recent bands that I have played with are: Zack's 5th Ave, Dustin Parker, Blown, B.C. and The Euphoric. Zack's 5th Ave was started by my brother Zack and I. We played orginals and covers. We mainly played instrumental rock fusion such as Jeff Beck, Joe Satriani, Steve Morrison, The Dixie Dregs, Eric Johnson and more. It was more of a musician's band more then anything else as you can imagine. After that I played with a country/rock band called The Dustin Parker Band for a few years in support of his cd release Tales From Centerville. I had a lot of fun in that band and we played hundreds of gigs. We played several shows throughout the Midwest and at Navy Pier and other venues throughout Chicagoland including opening up for 38 Special. Then I totally switched gears and starting playing with a rap metal band called Blown. They had some interest from Universal and they were endorsed by Dickies clothing and a few other small music companies. I played and controlled the live sequence with an A-DAT player while playing drums. I think it took a few years off my life trying to hold a wild metal band down to a click live while trying to maintain my syncopated double bass drum parts. From there I helped put togther a progressive rock band call B.C. The bass player Brian wrote all the music and was looking to try to pull it off live when he called me to join. It was and still is a powerful progressive band but, I found myself wanting to be more involved in the writing process rather then supporting a solo artist. This brings us to my current project called The Euphoric. The Euphoric is a rock band with modern and old school metal and rock influence. The cd Transcend was released in the Fall of 2007 and is currently available worldwide. Evolution Promotion did the radio promotion in 2007/2008. It was an honor to work with them seeing some of their past clients included The Police, Sting, Moby, The Raccontours, The White Strips and more. The Euphoric has played with such national acts as Puddle of Mudd, Dope, Alterbridge and Lifehouse to name a few. Managing this band, playing, writing and recording as proved to be more then a challenge. I definatlety respect band leaders a lot more after this one.

Recent past live/recording clients & studios include: Pressure Point Recording- Larry Sturm producer/engineer & Steve Kovacs engineer, (UTR) Up Town Recording- Rob Ruccia engineer, Star Trax- Jeff Luif engineer, Performance Recording- Marty Bilecki engineer, Piper Studios- Chuck Piper engineer, Mishur Jams Recording- Zack Mishur producer/engineer, Circle of Fate, The Euphoric, The Dustin Parker Band, B.C., Dan Gralleger, Robert Durling, Short Cuts, Sound Bridge, Backstreet, Blown, Zack's 5th Ave, Time Traveler, and more.


Circle of Fate -(several songs on upcoming cd)
The Euphoric- Transcend (entire cd)
B.C.-Map of a Muddled Mind- The Worm
B.C.-Map of a Muddled Mind- Manic Tranquility
Blown- Blown
The Dustin Parker Band
Zack's 5th Ave- Straight Jacket
Robert Durling Project (several songs on current cd)
Dan Gralleger- 3 song country demo produced by Dustin Parker


Set List