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My realness comes thru in my music as well as my shows. I've learned alot from Akon and the main thing I learned is you gotta be yourself they'll gonna love you or hate you


Tysen (Jay Money) Bolding New Konvict Muzik artist and founder and CEO of Undisputed Entertianment was born in the Bronx, New York on February 27th 1986. Jay moved to Decatur, Georgia at the age of 2 with his family because his father sought a better job opportunity in the south. At the age of 12 Jay Money began rapping just as a hobby until he turned 16 and bought his first home studio. Despite being expelled from high school in the 9th grade he still managed to get a high school education and graduate on time with the rest of his peers. At the age of 19 Jay Money debut on the Atlanta music scene with his street savvy mixtape “No Trap Zone”, which featured the prominent hood classics “Trap and Die”, and “No Trap Zone”. Although Jay Money is underrated and has not received all the reconigtion he deserves he is content at pushing his music to the public and forcing the rap game to open up its doors and let him in. “Its gonna be hell to pay when I hit the air waves nationwide because imma take this rap shit over,” Jay arrogantly professes. “Entrapment” is the title of his newest cd débuting in the summer of 2008 with the backing of multi platinum artist Akons record label Konvict Muzik which Jay Money was signed to in late 2006. Jay explains,”Signing with Konvict Muzik was a blessing because Akon helped me conquer a few legal battles I needed help with so Ill always be grateful for that”. The Entrapment Album consists of smooth and hypnotic songs that tell stories to each and every listener of Jay Moneys opinion and point of view about the black cops, district attorneys and the judges in Dekalb County where he was raised and currently resides. “In Atlanta and Dekalb County black policeman and judges have no respect for younger black males and railroad them all the time but I aint havin that shit Imma speak my mind” Jay says. Jay Money is a force to be reckoned with and will certainly prove that he deserves his props in todays rap industry.



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