Jay  Moran

Jay Moran


Melodic, rhythmic, memorable, roots pop & soul.


Growing up in the 60's and 70's influenced my musical values. I listened to Top 40 AM , later it was Progressive FM radio, where you could hear anything and everything. So being able to play ones insturment, a good melody, memorable lyrics, bell bottoms and long hair were part of my musical values. All but the last two are still important to me today.

I've learned a lot playing 4-5 nights a week and many different types of music. I've got to open for some great national acts; Los Lobos, Sonia Dada, Etta James, Peter Himelman.

I have got to be a Know-It-All Boyfriend and a Slingback. Now it's all about writing, performing, and enjoying my musical life. I just want to make music I like, and share it with people who want to hear it.


This is the first release of this new solo project.
Downloads and samples available on my web site.

Set List

Typical set is one 90 minute set, can do shorter 30 -45 minute opening set. Original music with a cover or two to pay tribute.