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Written By: Jaymz Robinson

Well I just,
Controlled a flying mind.
When it left,
Freedom of the sky.
It chose to,
See inside my cave.
Of glass, wood and concrete,
That holds my (pain).

Flying mind you could be free up in the big blue sky.
Flying mind you see my freedom taken and ask why.
Flying mind you come in here and let me see your wings.
The things we try so hard to build in our machines.

Sometimes I,
Can get myself so high.
Believe that if I try,
Could grow some wings and fly.
Float away,
And drift out through the clouds.
Until I come back down,
And hit the (ground).



Written By: Jaymz Robinson

You didnt know what you wanted
And I saw that as bad
I wanted you to want me too
Coz I needed you bad

It felt like you took my dreams and Let them slide
I wish I could see in your head
See what you really feel inside

I want to call you up again
But I dont want to get hurt
Coz I'd just fall in love with you
And then I'd just get burned

You've always got everything you Ever need
You take everything for granted
Its time for you to try with me

So maybe then youll realise
What you really feel
Instead of chasing this impossible dream
Its not real

Maybe you'll wake up one day
And look around
Maybe your feet will come back down
Then you can walk along the ground

Thats where I'll be
Waiting for you