Jayne Demakos

Jayne Demakos


music for harp and voice, intimate and inside out. beautiful vocals on songs from Stephen Foster to Hildegard von Bingen (chant) to Leonard Cohen. Soothing but not sentimental and speaks to the listeners longing for a deep and soulful expression. Beautiful and heartful guest musicians


Jayne Demakos lives and makes music in the Finger Lakes area of New York state. A harpist and a vocalist, she uses music as a means to heal, inform, celebrate, explore and sustain. Founder of “Move Your Heart” solo concerts, she also brings music into conferences and workshops, weaving music throughout to bring together and deepen the spoken words as well as create a sense of larger community. She is director of the Music Program in her area’s Hospice specifically using music in palliative care. Jayne’s next CD promises to be all harp music sensitive to the needs of Hospice patients.



Written By: Southern/Jayne Demakos

Hush Little Baby, my sweet love;
Mama's gonna find you a mourning dove;
Oh, that bird, she mourns for peace;
Hush Little Baby, go to sleep.

Hush Little Baby, in your bed;
An evil bird flies overhead;
Hush Little Baby, don't you cry;
Mama's gonna sing you a lullaby.


Hush Little Baby, go to sleep;
Mama's gonna find you the dove of Peace;
If that sweet bird flies away,
Mama's goin' down on her knees to pray.

Hush Little Baby, don't you cry;
The night is black as a raven flies;
All good soldiers off to war;
Hush Little Baby, cry no more.

Lie-Die-Dee-Die; Lie-Die-Dee-Die;
Lie-Die-Dee-Die; Lie-Die-Dee-Die.


Written By: Jayne Demakos

Children died this morning;
Yesterday, before the world turned in our direction....a bomb in Basra.
This prayer is unfinished.
You will be in our seeing.
You will be in our breathing.

Last of the Great Whales

Written By: Andy Barnes/arranged J. Demakos

My soul has been torn from me; I am bleeding.
My heart it has been rent; I am crying.
All the beauty around me fades; I am screaming.
I am the last of the great whales; I am dying.

Last night I heard the cry of my last companion.
The roar of the harpoon gun and then I am alone.
I thought on days gone by. We were thousands.
I know that I soon must die. The last Leviathan.

This morning the sun did rise, crimson in the Northern sky.
The ice was the color of bleed and the wind it did sigh.
I rose to take a breath. It was my last one.
A gun sent the roar of death and now I am done.

Now that we are all gone, there is no more hunting. The big fellow is no more, it's no use lamenting. What race will be next in line, all for the slaughter? The elephant or the seal...
or your sons and daughters.

My soul has been torn from me; I am bleeding.
My heart it has been rent; I am crying.
All the beauty around me fades; I am screaming.
I am the last of the great whales....

O Virdissima Virga

Written By: Hidegard von Bingen/Demakos

lyrics in Latin

Slumber My Darling

Written By: Stephen Foster

Slumber My Darling, the birds are at rest; wandering dew by the flowers are caressed. Slumber My Darling, I'll wrap you up warm; pray that the angels will shield you from harm.

Fantasy on Kingsfold Tune

Written By: tradional


The Loneliness of Waiting

Written By: Jayne Demakos

The Loneliness of Waiting
My heart a frozen stone
I dream of a river moving under the hard brown earth
I wait in stillness


Collage (1999)
Hush (Nov 2006)

Set List

mixed original and covers:
~ The Invitation - a Rumi Poem set to music and sung into my harp
~A Sacred Chant by Hildegard von Bingen (a choice of 3); can be sung alone or with harmonium/shruti box.
~Lullabies - either celtic or Stephen Foster
~Collection of songs from Africa - some for harp and voice; some can include the audience
~Leonard Cohen/Bob Dylan - arranged for harp and voice
~collection of Celtic vocals and instruments
~spoken word (poetry) woven together with harp

sets are usually 40 minutes