Jayne Galloway

Jayne Galloway


This talented young singer/songwriter first picked up the guitar at age 9 and has not stopped since! Her musical style is all her own: her melodies are cutting edge, and her lyrics reveal a rare and relatable insight. Her performances are dynamic and she always "wows" the crowds!


I started writing music at the age of 9. My dad was a CBS recording act in the mid 80's and he has really given me my roots in music.
Growing up I have listened to everything from Ella to Led Zepplin. I played my first gig at age 11, where I played in front of 400 people. I couldn't believe the thrill! Performing is my niche.
I am now 13 and have played many venues. My music leans to the rock genre with an alternative edge. Being only 13, when I get on stage, people are not sure what to expect. When I am finished playing, they cannot believe I am only 13! People tell me I command the stage and perform like I was born there!

Set List

Big Screenm
Down We Go
Close My Eyes
Time Again
Change Your Mind