Jayne Lakissova

Jayne Lakissova


My music will feel as equally at home wandering through the charts as it would in the soundtrack of a Tim Burton or Jean-Pierre Jeunet film. A Victorian Dolls museum at midnight...


My name is Jevgenia Lakissova but people call me Jayne because it’s shorter and easier. Currently I live in Riga (Latvia), but hail originally from a small village in Estonia. I’ve been writing and performing music since I was so high (about 3 feet). I started Music School at the age of 5 so this year marks 16th anniversary in music. I was twinkling kind of local rock star already at the age of 15 with national TV, tours and other stuff but found that my cup of Russian tea is not made of metal and went solo.

Some people have said that my voice and music is in ambiance and delivery a mixture of Edith Piaf meets Kate Bush (the early years) via Bjork. But I would said that its all wrapped up with a style and that is uniquely my own. Very personal but somehow we feel we have all been here, it invites us back yet also warns us off.

My debut album called “La Poupee” is now recorded. It’s mostly in English but couple songs in French as well. Theme of the album is dolls: It is a question of esthetical and ideological understanding of music. It is all quite impressionistic: I see an image, I want to depict it, to deliver an esthetical and, sometimes, mental pleasure to my potential listener. And, in addition, the topic of dolls gives an opportunity to reflect some small things about human behaviour, indirectly, gently. I love people, I am interested in them, I just like observing and depicting. Via dolls. One more reason is the esthetical side. Dolls are beautiful, aren’t they?



Debut album recorded but not released yet.

Set List

My performances are like a little plays – music not being the sole component. Really unique! I have seen sold out club going nuts, and I haven't released anything yet! Something totally different indeed!
Set is usually 45 min, the only cover is The Move's Flowers in the Rain.