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Jayne Olderman Collective @ Downtown Amphitheater

Duluth, Georgia, USA

Duluth, Georgia, USA

Jayne Olderman Collective @ Lake Lanier Islands

Flowery Branch, Georgia, USA

Flowery Branch, Georgia, USA

Jayne Olderman Collective @ Step Outside

Braselton, Georgia, USA

Braselton, Georgia, USA

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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


*****Reviewer: Joanie L, St Louis
"I've been listening to your CDs all week now.  I like "Better Let it Go," best.  The funky groove is addictive.  All of the songs on (the CD) "Love Big" are beautiful and sound like they were inspired from Above.  
"Love Big" is my favorite (song); lyrically and musically it moves me. I also like "Tonight" (from The Journey CD). The vocalists singing your songs are wonderful, however, I think your voice is unique... your songs are poignant and express a lifetime of living, loving, learning and wisdom that only seems to come with time.
I am impressed with the quality of the work as well. Your journey is a beautiful work of art. You have a gift. Thanks for sharing it...
One last note or humor... my 13 year old daughter Julie just discovered the song "Love Big" and has been playing it over and over until my 11 year old son lost his cool and they had a big fight over it. 
Just know, there is someone out there driving down the highway singing your songs as she goes about her day, many miles away from you.
Peace, Joanie  

****Reviewer: John Stringer (of the band JaD), Atlanta, GA.
This CD has top-notch vocalists, songwriting and production! LOVE BIG, the title track, is my personal favorite, but there are several gems for your listening pleasure. I'm a musician, so it is great to find this kind of quality music... especially with such positive messages. After hearing the title track and learning that part of the proceeds for LOVE BIG CD sales goes toward making a difference in the world (via Charity), I had all the motivation necessary to buy a copy. After listening, I couldn't be happier with my purchase!CD BABY - the CD store with the best independent music

*****Reviewer: Karla T. Atlanta, GA.
Somehow you have put into words, and in the most interesting way of musical arrangements, what so many have experienced but are embarrassed to talk about, or just don't know how to express in words succinctly. I am in a difficult part of my journey and....your lyrics reassure me of the hopefulness. There are times we all need a "cheerleader!" I look forward to hearing you sing in person.

Reviewer: W. Boston For the last 4 to 5 years,... I have stopped buying commercial music (too programmed, overproduced, no talent and no live instrumentation). I am currently listening again (to the disc) and I am IMPRESSED. Thanks for sharing your talent(s). I have truly missed GOOD music like this. Keep me posted on any future projects because this is definitely making my SOUL SING. Thanks again

***** Totally awesome... Reviewer: D. Cely 
I just don't know what else to say....the moment I got home I just had to tear open the wrapper on The Journey and and do something I haven't done since I burned out on music many years ago... I put on the music and enjoyed it to the depths of my soul. What bliss!Thank you, Jayne. I love your music. And thanks to you, I love music again. 

***** I am soooooo excited! Reviewer: K.S. Kent I LOVE The Journey CD... I can't stop singing the songs!!!!!!!! Whatever Makes Your Soul Sing" brought tears to my eyes..... This CD has so much to offer and your talent leaves me in AWE. One minute I'm listening to Love Big and groovin' in my car and then the romantic, Tonight comes on changing the mood, and then I'm teary eyed and inspired by Whatever Makes Your Soul Sing, then I'm back to groovin with ;Sweet 'Lijah. It truly is a Journey (so well named). You may just be the key to me finding what makes my soul sing :-)

*****If you haven't heard this yet, you are missing out on an amazing CD.Reviewer: Joe Riekert From songwriter to musician, to arranger and producer, Jayne does it all - and the result is excellent! It's a shame that you can't go back in time to last week and order it so that the CD would be in your mailbox today. I would write more, but I have to go and listen to it again.

***** WOW! Reviewer: Catie Smith Ever had one of those WOW moments? I did the first time I heard this cd! I can't seem to turn it off..gets under your skin and stays there! This cd is true artistry through and through!

***** Fantastic Reviewer: Sherry Ringo Wonderful! Finally music from artists I can relate to that bring their life experience and talent to the table!!

***** Jayne gives good car...Reviewer: Mike T. If drive time played stuff this good everyday I'd move further from my job...

**** Unique and refreshing, a journey for the soul Reviewer: Cathy Sinnott The spirit of this CD carries you on a gentle journey, its soul provides pure inspiration. It is really fine music!

***** Finally, something new that touches my heart and makes me move! Reviewer: Candace McGovern Lyrics that will take you back to secret moments and places in your life... unstated plans, precious memories. Melody and rhythms that pull you into your future... an album about becoming whole

***** LOVE IT. Song arrangements, talent, production, it's a 10!!! Reviewer: Don Monopoli Need I say more? What planet are these singers from? I'd give my right antenna to be half as talented. The producer (Jayne) should be nominated for a Super-Grammy!( A new category for something more than the usual.)

***** Loved it! Reviewer: Joey Melotti Very happy to hear some fresh, honest material. It comes from the heart. Thank you Jayne. - fans


Crossing the Border/ Jayne Olderman
(12 songs)

The Journey/songs by Jayne Olderman
(Red Warrior Records) (14 songs)

Love Big/Jayne Olderman Collective
(Red Warrior Records) (9 songs)

"Let Me Be There For You" from Patti LaBelle's Gold Grammy nominated CD "Flame" (MCA)
written by Jayne Olderman & Dwayna Litz

"Fools Like Us" from Aztec Two Step's CD "Days of Horses"

"Don't That Bring You Back" from Diane Durrett's CD Rhythm of Life (Glass House Records)
written by Jayne Olderman & Diane Durrett

"Live and Let Live" from Rex Fowler's CD Gettysburg/ written by Rex Fowler & Jayne Olderman

"Whatever Makes Your Soul Sing", "The Mirror" and "Out of the Box" from Diane Durrett's CD Chill.

and many more


Feeling a bit camera shy


A fearless warrior and one-woman tour de force, with such credits as co-writing Patti LaBelle’s “Let Me Be There For You” from the Grammy nominated gold album Flame (MCA), Jayne Olderman is a contemporary pop/R&B songwriter-producer-singer certain to capture the admiration of music fans everywhere with her extraordinary record label Red Warrior Records.

With the release of her aptly titled CD, "Crossing the Border", Jayne Olderman emerges from behind the curtain… and from her comfort zone as songwriter/producer… to take stage center, breathing life into her own words as Jayne Olderman, vocalist. Her unique stylings are perfectly suited to this collection of songs, which range from starkly intimate looks at personal relationships to tracks that probe the sensitive zone beneath the surface of our political landscape. Her gift is that she can provoke thought without being confrontational, distilling the human experience to one we can all understand and experience with her.

"Crossing the Border", as the title suggests, signals the discovery of a new creative voice for Jayne Olderman. The title track is the true telling of one man’s story and a sympathetic look at the other side of America’s internal conflict over immigration. There are also two tracks written and performed in Spanish, Jayne’s first foray into a second language. Her reasoning? “I was fascinated by the Hispanic culture during the writing of 'Crossing the Border'. I discovered that Spanish offers a uniquely sensual way to use language. I love it. 'Tomo Lo Que es Tuyo' and 'Si Solo' could not have been written in English. It just didn’t work.” “Wish”, while written and performed in English, was inspired by Jayne’s Hispanic experience and is clearly more seductive than anything she’s written before.

The work of an insightful and talented artist, "Crossing the Border" is not an escape, but a bridge from familiar territory into a new world of artistic discovery. Beautifully polished, yet emotionally raw. If you’re familiar with Olderman’s music, you’ll find yourself wondering why it’s taken her so long to stand and be heard. If you’re new to her music, you’ll simply be blown away.

"The Journey" and Love Big" CDs:
Soulful pop, youthful R&B, neo-folk and just plain great sounding music; the CDs span beautifully across lyrical themes of love, hope, inspiration, innocence and life.  While Jayne either wrote, co-wrote, published and produced all the songs on Red Warrior Records, she has assembled an amazingly diverse cast of characters to help her sing the stories on “The Journey” and “Love Big” CDs.other news!

other news!
Roberta Flack is scheduled to record Jayne's new tune "Only in Love" early 2006. This song is co-written with J. Donte Harris and Roberta's musical director and producer, Morris Pleasure. ("Let's keep our fingers crossed for the single!")

Jayne scored the music for new movie “The Rough Cut”!! "I am so honored and proud to be apart of such a high quality production! This little movie is big on heart and soul." Read more at http://www.theroughcutmovie.com/

More good news!

Nov. 7, 2004
"The Journey songs by Jayne Olderman" on Red Warrior Records was nominated in 4 major categories by Just Plain Folks. (They are like the Grammys for the independent labels.) "The Just Plain Folks Music Awards has grown to become the largest Music Awards program in the world. For the 2004 Awards they received 140,000 songs and over 10,000 albums in 58 genres from 85 Countries."
The awards took place Nov. 7, 2004 at The Galaxy Theater in Santa Ana, and, here are the exciting results!
FIRST PLACE! *Contemporary Song: "Goin' Back"
(Olderman, Rogers)
SECOND PLACE! *Pop Song: "I Knew You When"
(Olderman, Rogers)
IN THE TOP 9! *Best Pop Album: "The Journey songs by Jayne Olderman"
IN THE TOP 18! *Best R&B song: "Sweet 'LiJah"
(Olderman, Harris, Castro)

other news:
Jayne and co-writer, Jan Hrkach's, song "The End of the Road" was featured on the new CMT reality series entitled: "CMT's Greatest Road Trips"! Initial Air Date: September 3, 2004

August 2004-Jayne and Rex Fowler's song "FOOLS LIKE US" appears on Aztec Two Step's new album "Days of Horses" on Red Engine Records.

Red Warrior Records contributes a significant portion of the sales of “LOVE BIG” to a wonderful cause: The Exchange Club Yellow Umbrella Center for the Prevention of Child Abuse, so, when you purchase the CD;  you'll be helping children and families who are striving to overcome the afflictions of abuse.