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The best kept secret in music


""Jaynez in the spotlight""

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""An interview with Native R&B Artist Jaynez""

Jaynez is a recognized music artist in the Native American atmosphere of astounding talent. His recent album Do U Wanna Dance? is gaining great recognition across the United States as well as in Switzerland, Germany and Italy. Jaynez’s influence of sounds range from R&B Soul to the vocal style’s of Motown Legends. Jaynez’s touring season will take him through Itlay this summer with

famous Italian singer/actor Davide Bucci. To add to the list of others, Jaynez will be an opening act twice this year for Usher. So when did Jaynez realize his gift of singing? "It was at the age of three or four years old. I used to sing my sisters to sleep. My mom and dad could sing. I remember my family dancing a lot and I remember hearing the music while my mom was cleaning the house," he said.

Jaynez is/Mexican/Namve Pueblo/ Southern Cheyenne and Navajo. He is born for the Turtle Clan on his Namve Pueblo side (Mother). On his Navajo side (Father) he is born for the Salt Water and Mexican Clan. There are two parts to the story when asked what it was like growing up. "The good side is remarkable, and the other is struggling to live in different ghettos in California. I was the new kid in the school. I have been challenged my whole life. Most people work all their lives and I have made and done great things. I’ve been tested; God has pushed me beyond limits. I know why, it has opened my eyes. It was a lot of good and bad times," Jaynez said.

How did you first start off in the music industry?
I was a graffiti artist, actually the world’s best graffiti artist. I was sought out and did art work for CD’s at 13 for artists like: Easy E, Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg, and Dr. Dre. I was in Snoop Dogg’s first video.

What was it like to share the stage with Usher, Faith Evans and other big names?
It was an opportunity to show the world that Natives could sing. I sang one of Usher’s songs Nice and Slow acappella style, and Usher sang with me while the crowd went crazy. I recently heard from him and we are ready to do two shows together. Motown singers influenced my music. You have to rely on real talent, which is real singing. Today it’s all about image, and I want to bring real singing back.

What big name/band would you like to perform with?
I would like to perform with the Stylistics.

What was your biggest gig and were you scared?
The day I decided to be a solo singer at Gathering of Nations 2004. I have always been in the background. I felt ready. I was nervous and there has never been a Native R & B artist. I was surprised at their reaction. Before Irene Bedard performed, there was no audience. I was disappointed. I get out there and give it all I got and within 20 seconds, people ran up to the stage. People said that has never happened. I get the same reaction from then on.

Anything you want to share about yourself?
My main focus is the music is for the kids. To inspire the youth. To do the things I do. To be business owners, entrepreneurs, and to reach for the stars. There is so much I could say. I want to get out to all the kids. I work with many celebrities, and produce songs for others. I care about people on the rez. I learned what I could from the industry and give away what I learned, hoping kids get inspired by it. I always tell the Creator I do for you and the people. I’m not looking for money or fame. I sponsor other artists. It all goes back to the kids. My heart is where it’s supposed to be. I won’t get greedy.

Are their any new projects?
I am developing a program which will encompass sub-programs that will all work inter-dependently with each other. There's film production, music production, graphical design, web development, and more. Then there is the cultural portion which involves a reconnection with the youth and elders, storytelling, language, youth interacting with their elders, etc. We have an entrepreneurial portion which involves teaching the youth how to establish a business enterprise. They will create a business using the acquired skills they have attained from the various technological sub-programs. One example would be a screen printing business. Finally there will be a performing arts program which will involve theatre, dance, artist development, and traveling road show of youth performers and speakers.

What’s the most played song you listen to?
Just my imagination by the Temptations.

What was one of the hardest obstacles you have had to overcome?
The great loss I recently suffered was in Gallup, New Mexico on the night of December 23, 2005. My best friend's little sister and two brothers were killed in a fire. My friend’s mother had left them unattended at home while she was at a local bar, there was an electrical accident and now they are lost. Things like this are why I am out there constantly spreading a message to the youth and their families about the effects alcoholism, drugs, violence, gangs, you name it, have on our lives. This is why I do what I do, to spread - Native Youth Magazine


2004/2005 LP - My Family (Dream1)
2005/2006 LP - Do U Wanna Dance? (Dream1)
2006/2007 LP - Diversity (Dream1/Nu Vizhn)


Feeling a bit camera shy


Jovanii Nez known as "JAYNEZ" in the music world, has been involved in the music and film industry since age 13. At age 13 he displayed an extra-ordinary gift for song-writing which soon, after a series of consecutive talent show wins, caught the attention of industry mogul Clive Davis of Arista Records. Clive immediately signed Jaynez to an exclusive 10 year "ghost" creative production contract. Under this contract, Jaynez would later go on to produce, sing backup vocals (Luther Vandross, Jessica Simpson, Nelly Furtado, etc..), and write songs for many of the industry's legends resulting in Arista's recognition with numerous Platinum/Gold albums and music awards.

In 2004, Jaynez was nearing his contract's end which had been extended for another five years. Jaynez had gained all the experience and industry contacts he needed to stake out on his own. Under his prior contract, he was a "ghost" as the industry dubs those who remain nameless and creditless for their creative works. Jaynez always wanted to sing and let the world know of his talent. He knew that he had been held back for someone else's gain. Jaynez decided to build momentum in the underground music world for the duration of his contract which was scheduled to expire on January 7, 2007. Thus, "Jaynez" was born.

Jaynez released himself on his first public and solo project in April 2004 with his first album titled "My Family," which garnered him a GRAMMY nomination in 2005 and subsequently won him the 7th Annual Native American Music Award's "Debut Artist of the Year" award. He later released his second album "Do U Wanna Dance?," which won him three award wins and a record 12 nominations in the 19th Annual New Mexico Music Awards for "Best R&B, Hip Hop, and Producer" in the State of New Mexico with personal recognition from Governor Bill Richardson and Senator James G Taylor. Currently, this album holds a nomination for "Best Pop Album" in this year's 9th Annual Native American Music Awards scheduled to be held this October. His third album release, he claims is his best work to date and reflects his skill as a producer of music. The album is titled "Diversity" and is just that. The released singles "Heart Of Mine" and "With U By My Side" have garnered him three more nominations and another win for "Best R&B Artist" in the State of New Mexico for the second year in a row in the 20th Annual New Mexico Music Awards.

As a solo artist, Jaynez has toured the world and shared the stage with many mainstream superstars such as: Luther Vandross, Usher, Pretty Ricky, Amanda Perez, Faith Evans, Jessica Simpson, Enrique Iglesias, Michael Jackson, B.B. King, Snoop Doggy Dogg, and the list is endless. From touring the world with international superstars to performing for the 1st Lady Laura Bush, whether performing for an audience of 300 at a state fair to over 50,000 at Farm Aid, Jaynez always leaves his listeners with a musical experience to remember.

Jaynez has devoted the majority of his music career to working with his Native peoples across Indian Country, sharing his life's stories and experiences in hope that he will inspire others to never give up no matter what circumstances they may be facing in their lives. He speaks of the importance and significance of spirituality, education, anti-substance abuse, anti-violence and following your dreams to accomplishment.

Now in 2007 and finally released of his prior contractual bonds, Jaynez is currently utilizing and working with his major industry contacts to create the first ever major Native American entertainment organization with the goals of presenting our top Native talent to the mainstream society in a positive and modern way.