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MSP is the 209 based bounce funk outfit with a roots rock feel known as The Main Street Players. The song dynamics at a live show explain that its dance time, let it go and feel good time. Ian Hill from the Stockton Record wrote, “Its the perfect soundtrack for a Saturday night out”.
A decade old grass roots relationship turned into MSP after Jay Orin and Jeff Frey began performing shows with Moses Martinez in the summer of 2006. The debut release “Melody and Movement” (10-13-2007) features this original lineup. You can pick it up on iTunes or CD Baby. Although a hiatus of undetermined length broke out in Spring of 2008 the songwriting partnership between Jay and Jeff is still intact.


On Display

Written By: Jason Smith

Don’t have many choices.
Least of all to find the way.
Misscounted a message.
I see you slowly floating down like a feather my love.
And when you were there for me calling it love.
Someway animals see.
How youre in a carnival
A moment amazing.
You saw me coming from a long way out lets fly
Well never fall or wait in line.

You’re amazing on display
And I can tell you’re not afraid
Hunting to fathom your display
It’s gonna find us out anyway
We’re gonna try out everything
To find you.

You are so amazing.
Like diamonds in the light.
Engaging a tailspin.
Were tracking satellites along way past the sky
Touching the sun making making a life.


Electraflex Destructicon Released- Feb 2006

Melody & Movement Released- October 10th 2007

All songs on Melody & Movement are in current circulation on

Set List

Original Tunes:

Main St. Mile
On Display
Destination Radio
My Machine
Silver Chain
My Strut
Balboa Blvd.

Cover Tunes:

Cinnamon Girl- Neil Young
You Wreck Me- Tom Petty
Roller Coaster of Love- RHCP Version
I Got You- Wilco
Riders On The Storm- The Doors
Shouldnt Be Ashamed- Wilco
Bad Fish-Sublime