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"Jayoza Interview with Ali Blonde"

1) When did you start really getting into DJing?

When I was 13 years old I was lucky enough to start dj'ing on a pair of turntables that were left over from a club my parents use to own. So looking back I have about 10 years experience as a DJ (wow I'm getting old haha). I'd say I have always been involved with making & enjoying music my whole life though.

2) Who are your role models?

Big inspirational role models for me would be dj/producers like Deep Dish, Danny Tenaglia, Mastiksoul, Funk Master Flex, Mix Master Mike, Erick Morillo & Paul Van Dyk to name a few. There is just so many great djs & artists out there so in general anybody who can make life changing music. Also anybody who's flown into space (not the club but actual outer space).

3) Did you have anyone teach you?

Yes a few elder Dj's along the way have helped me pave the way of becoming good at mixing records. Plus hours and hours of practice I taught myself many things. The biggest lessons learned are in live situations with a crowd. Party people are always teaching me.

4) What was your first big gig?

My first big gig was @ WebsterHall in NYC.

5) What was your favorite time DJing?

It always gets better, I'd say i don't have a favorite. But spinnin at the Huntington House is always a fun & intimate ordeal (as you may know ;}).

6) When going into a night, what are your main concerns and priorities to make the DJ process run successfully?

I need to have a general idea of what I'm going to play and how I'm going to buildup the vibe, but of course while your dj'ing its like a spur of the moment kind of thing as well. It's a combination of tracklist selection, my top selections of the month/time and whipping out the weapons just when the time is right which can make the crowd go bonkers. All in all to have a great time & to give the party-people a great party experience.

7) Does your family respect your decision to pursue this as a career?

Yes they support me in my decisions.

8) What characteristics are needed to be a DJ? (ex. leadership)

You need to be a person that loves music period. I'm talking such a passion it is your life! With a 2nd serving of talent, drive & persistence to boot.

10) Is there anything you hope to accomplish in the future regarding DJing?

Would like to release great records. DJ'ing across the planet and spreading the music!

11) How does it feel when you are in the moment DJing and hearing your music?

It is truly a great feeling to see people react to what I'm doing on the decks. When you buildup the vibe real nicely and you drop something they acknowledge that it is an indescribable sensation ! Something like a Rush of Euphoria and "at one" with the crowd.

12) Do you get nervous before a gig?

Yes I do, not so much as when I first started gigging its usually a mix of neverousness (20%) & excitement (80%). But when I'm working the crowd and in that zone it's flowing like wata ya diig. It should be a fluid yet spontaneous natural feeling. If that makes any sense.

13) Do you practice a lot and where do you practice?

Yes I practice quite often, usually at my home studio or at a friends house jamming. - Ali Blonde - MTV U


Jayoza - Lost [D-T Exclusive] NL
Jayoza - Culo [D-T Exclusive] NL
Mysteryman - Mysteryland [D-T Exclusive] NL
Jayoza - Back 2 Ibiza EP [Stripped Recordings] UK



Now it's a movement:

The DJ:
On the DJ front Jayoza has performed for large club crowds to intimate underground parties all the way to outdoor raves under the George Washington Bridge. Wherever he performs feedback from the crowd always proves positive. Tried & tested, Jayoza seems to spark a special energy & vibe with any type of crowd, venue or situation. Always leaving the party people with an everlasting memory of the night they heard Jayoza. 2009 is kicked off with a bang with one of the most successful parties yet and a slamming dj performance to a packed house. The launch of Natural Selections Podcast and many new signings & bookings. We look forward to spreading the music globally!

The Producer:
Jayoza first caught eye to Denis Doeland past A&R for ID&T and current president of Dance-Tunes.Com. After sending out some demos Denis saw the talent & potential of Jayoza and signed his first international release via D-T Exclusive the largest dutch dance music website and digital download sister company to ID&T. This led to a successful global distribution of Jayoza's original productions reaching everyone from Holland to Japan. Although Jayoza was happy with this, he began shifting his style more to a House/Iberican sound. This led to productions like Back 2 Ibiza & More Cowbell. In which recently Norman H of UK StrippedMuzikClub signed to his Stripped Digital imprint right away after hearing them here at Myspace.com/JayL. Jayoza - Back 2 ibiza EP will be available globally through beatport on May 22, 2009. There is a lot of things cookin' in the studio so this is just the beginning!

How it came to be:
Ever since he can remember, Jayoza was always fascinated by music. This fascination lead to the curiosity and interest to create music at a very young age. It all started with the piano, guitar/drums (simateously), and then DJ'ing. While he was in high school, Jay was always involved in a band and was constantly practicing his instruments. His main role was the lead guitar player but more importantly created the main melodies, progressions and structure of the songs. Unknowingly stimulating his mind & self training his creative talent to shape the future of a budding producer. During these years, Jay also became immersed into breakbeats and DJ'ing where he learned how to treat turntables and a mixer like an instrument.

As time went on, Jay became increasingly interested in club/dance music and less interested in alternative rock. Around 1999 It was dj sets from artists like Paul Van Dyk, Sasha & Digweed that transformed this breakbeat dj/guitar player into a 100% dedicated dance music dj and producer. Immeresed in dance music, Jayoza never looked back. As a producer Jayoza is influenced by the diverse background of his musical history, as well as a multicultural upbringing. With that said, Jayoza's style is unique blending house, progressive and techno with a general tribal and natural groove taking in all the different influences and sounds from all over the world. The future looks bright for this up and coming producer/dj, with many productions being finalized and work being done in the studio. Watch this space for upcoming releases!!!

Venues Performed at:

Pacha - NYC
WebsterHall - NYC
Love - NYC
The Plumm - NYC
SouthSeas Hotel (Pilikia Bar) - Miami, USA
Monaco - Miami, USA
El Batey Beach Club - Juan Dolio, Dominican Republic
Embocca - Cabarete - Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic
Party Roof - San Pedro, Dominican Republic
Summer Sound System (Rave under the George Washington Bridge)
Guitar Bar - Newark
RedRoom - NYC
Machine (Past Residency) - Queens
Julianna (Past Residency) - Queens
Huntington House (Resident) - New Brunswick