JAY PEA's debut album was released last fall on Foxtail/Outside Music and was praised as one of the best new albums out of Montreal. Flanked by past and present members of The Stills, Plaza Musique and M. Mono, the music plays like the soundtrack to a slowly fading summer season.


Leaving home, coming back and longing to hit the road again, that’s
what Montreal folk-rock troubadour JAY PEA has been doing a lot in
recent years. As he gears up for the launch of his album this fall, he
looks back at the intense traveling cycle that has inspired his musical

“This album was mainly written on the road, parts in Saskatchewan,
parts in South America, parts in Montreal, wherever I felt the need
to stop and make sense of what was happening around me”.

Before entering college, JAY PEA took off to San Francisco with his
brother and ended up a year later in Maple Creek, Saskatchewan,
where he was greeted by a cowboy family who taught him the basics
of country gospel, lasso throwing and grueling farmwork. Next stop
was Uruguay, in the heart of South American gaucho land, where he
worked on a sheep ranch in the hills and struggled with a long-distance

Upon his return to Montreal, JAY PEA found like-minded musicians
and worked on his first EP, Tower of Slow, a collection of four acoustic
ballads that earned him a spot at the Pop Montreal festival and got
people spreading the word.

“I feel lucky to be part of the exciting scene here in Montreal, there is
a contagious, creative energy here.”

Now back from a long musical journey in Senegal, where he did
an anthropological study of traditional griot music, JAY PEA has
teamed up with a touring band that features former Stills guitarist
Gregory Paquet.

“I’m very excited to take these songs on the road, I think that’s
where they belong.”

Jay Pea will be touring in Canada throughout the fall and winter. Dates will soon be announced.

Website: www.jaypea.com
Myspace: www.myspace.com/jaypeaspace


Jay Pea’s debut album Arrivals and Departures was
released last fall on Foxtail Music and distributed in Canada by Outside Music.
The album is also available on iTunes, Rhapsody, eMusic and other digital retailers worldwide.
Jay Pea will be touring in Canada throughout the year.
Visit www.jaypea.com or www.myspace.com/jaypeaspace for updates.

Set List

A typical show lasts about 1h 15 min with no intermission.