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Jay Regan & the Jury

Philadelphia, PA | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | SELF

Philadelphia, PA | SELF
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Rock Folk


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Jay Regan & the Jury @ Crooked Eye Brewery, LLC

Hatboro, Pennsylvania, United States

Hatboro, Pennsylvania, United States

Jay Regan & the Jury @ Crooked Eye Brewery, LLC

Hatboro, Pennsylvania, United States

Hatboro, Pennsylvania, United States

Jay Regan & the Jury @ Roxy & Dukes

Dunellen, New Jersey, United States

Dunellen, New Jersey, United States



"Album Review: “Wash Me,” Jay Regan"

“One of the better tunes on the album is “March of the Romans,” a classic rocker replete with brass and an organ, along with protest lyrics that vilify large corporations. The arrangement is excellent, with lots of layering: horns, drums, guitars, giving the song a big band feel. And I loved the high-pitched background vocals. Despite my complaint about the production values, Wash Me is a first-rate album. Jay Regan has mucho talent as a singer/songwriter. Wash Me is original and creative.” - Huffington Post

"Jay Regan"

Although it's listed as a standout track, the opening song on Jay Regan's Wash Me album, "Whiskey Song," is actually not one of the album's stronger tracks. The fact that he went for the obvious rhyme of 'frisky' with 'Whiskey,' suggests he just wasn't trying hard enough to create a memorable lyric. Regan does much better with "Can't Let Go," the very next song, which rides upon an enjoyable jangle rock groove. And for the most part, it's Regan's sounds, more so than his words, that leave the best first and lasting impression with these songs.

Regan comes through vulnerable and sincere during "Dad," a love song to his father. He also creates an authentically country number during the foot-stomping "I Am Alive." Although the brass horn section on "March of the Romans" is a nice touch, as this element gives the song a powerful marching feel, the song's rather generic words about the corporatization of the world is a little played out.

While Regan isn't overboard successful with his various sonic approaches on Wash Me, you nevertheless must give the guy a lot of credit for his ambitious efforts. There's a lot of good stuff to be discovered here, and it would simply be wrong not to give Wash Me a critical clean bill of health. - antimusic.com

"Album Review Jay Regan Wash Me"

“Perhaps the highlights of the album are the tracks 'March of the Romans' and 'Right Between the Eyes' where he busts out the horn section to step up the energy. The former is a snappy funky number. Punchy trumpets scream out as Regan blasts tyranny. In the latter, Regan takes on a good time late '80s, tv show theme song vibe with warm Miami beach progressions and a rollicking organ solo spilling into a feel-good guitar solo. Ironically, the jubilant tune is an homage to the Walking Dead, spelling out his plans to survive amidst the zombie apocalypse. A bizarre juxtaposition to be sure.” - Music News.com

"Jay Regan’s 'Wash Me' Is Worth A Listen"

Sometimes it’s hard to get past the first song on an album if you really don’t like it. Luckily, I read some good stuff about this new album from Jay Regan, and I also read a forewarning about the first song on the album. I need to admit first, some people might like the song. I mean, it has kind of a party vibe to it, but that’s probably part of what turns me off about it. I’m past those party years and I just want music with substance (the rest of this album is full of that, by the way).

Whiskey Song just doesn’t have anything to offer me. It feels like a song that was just thrown together with some worthless words, all about drinking and smoking. Here’s the lyric writing process to this song in my head: pick a vice, write something to go with that vice, pick another, and so on. It’s just boring. And then with the talking and partying sounds, and sirens (kind of cliche), in the background, it just made it corny. I really wish Regan would have made this the last song on the album, instead of the first.

Nonetheless, it’s there. But if you keep listening to the rest of the album you’ll find that it’s a great piece of work. From track two I was hooked. Can’t Let Go has a 70s rock vibe to it and made me nostalgic for the good old days of rock and roll.

Grow slows things down a little bit, but keeps that 70s sound. I seriously think that Regan stole his voice from some of the classic rock performers. He sounds like an angel. This is a great romantic song, perfect for slow dancing.

I Am Alive is very upbeat. Again, it sounds like a song that could be decades old but is still relevant today. March Of The Romans even adds a more jazzy sound to the album. It’s a well-rounded recording (this song and the entire album).

Forever Changed, Forever Lost is my favorite song on the album. I was originally attracted to this one because of the song name (sounds like something I’d title one of my poems). I liked that it has kind of a bluesy sound. It still inhabits all that classic rock sounding glory of the rest of this album as well. Listen to the lyrics. In fact, listen to all of them, on this entire album. Regan has some great skills with words.

The last track on the album, Insomnia, has a cool sound, much as you’d expect from a song with that title. It’s kind of trippy. I feel like maybe Regan was channeling Jim Morrison while he wrote and recorded this song. It’s great.

With 15 tracks on this album, I am not going to go track by track with you. I want you to know that it is a great album, but you should really listen for yourself. The album keeps up those 70s vibes, throwing in some good southern rock sounds with those classic rock tunes. I feel like this should be part of my vinyl collection (maybe you should consider printing your next album on vinyl?).

Regan is a talented singer/songwriter and is skilled on all of the instruments you hears. In fact, much like most solo artists in his genre, he only had a couple session player fill in on certain songs. Who needs a band when you’re full of talent? The instrumentation and vocals on this album are awesome. There’s really some talent in this guy’s hands and voice. - Beat Media


2017 Wash Me
2014 Dreams & Nightmares



Jay Regan is a singer-songwriter and performer from Philadelphia. He is the former writer and lead vocalist of many Philadelphia original bands now performing his original music in a solo acoustic or with his backing band "The Jury".

Jay's  music is rock based but incorporates varied musical styles such as classic rock, modern rock, R&B, and others. He draws his inspiration from many things in his life, including his family, his inner most feelings, and sometimes world events.

On May 15, 2014 Jay released his 17 track debut CD “Dreams & Nightmares” On April 7, 2017, Jay released his follow up album of 15 tracks called entitled Wash Me.

Jay is currently performing dates both solo and with his band Jay and the Jury playing music form his catalog along with new material which he and the band will begin recording sometime in 2018.

We also play cover gigs too! http://www.justjaymusic.com/

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