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Hutto, Texas, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2009 | SELF

Hutto, Texas, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2009
Band Alternative Rock




"(Half of a) Ten for Your Attention This Thursday: 4/27/17"

Can’t deicde whether you’d like to listen to 90’s alternative rock or 90’s shoegaze? I’d argue that the title track from Jay Satellite‘s Who We Are splits the difference quite nicely. And if you’re reading this, Jeffrey Brown, I think this Austin band would fit nicely in on a King Camel lineup. Just saying… - The Ghost Of Blind Lemon

"A Cozy, Comfortable, Family Affair… Just What I Needed"

Jay Satellite is a guitar band and by that I mean, “Oh my God, look and listen to those BEAUTIFUL guitars!” Each song introduced a new guitar that went from Fender to Gibson (with a Bigsby tremolo, man!!!) to an Epiphone Emperor to Rickenbacker. The lead singer’s pedal board has to be the most extravagant piece of hardware that I have ever seen. I mean, you could fly the Starship Enterprise with that thing! And he knew how to use it. The guitar sound for this band has to be the best I have ever heard from a band playing in a small venue. It was full with many layers of depth and when it came time to play single notes, the guitar would cut through the rest of the band’s sound like a hot knife. As a guitar enthusiast myself, I was drooling.

The band’s sound is straight up 90’s guitar pop, influenced by bands like Oasis, Live and Collective Soul. The songs are filled with razor sharp edges that will make you want to dust off your old collection of REM and Smashing Pumpkins CD’s while wearing your favorite black button down shirt, sleeves rolled up to the elbows with black jeans. Song after song pumped up the audience who was captivated by the lead singer’s piercing voice and perfect chord progressions.

If you like guitar rock with great lyrics and dark undertones, you will love Jay Satellite. Definitely check them out when they next roll by your town. You can also get one of their many recordings from their Bandcamp website. A hard working band that will revive your love for music. - Live, Breathe Music

"Move over Austin: The music's coming to Hutto"

Forget Austin City Limits. Forget South by Southwest.

Skip the trip out of town and endure what little traffic there is on Highway 79 to get to Fritz Park because that's where the music will be on Oct. 22.

"Satellite Fest — it's going to be an all-day independent music festival," said event organizer Jason Clark of Hutto. "Everyone on stage has their own style and does their own thing."

The first band plays at noon, and Hutto's own Jay Satellite — the headline band — will conclude the evening at about 8 p.m.

"Some are electric in style, but everything is hooky and catchy with an edge," Clark said. "To categorize it, I'd say it's post punk power pop with simple melody and atmosphere."

And it's absolutely free to attend.

"We're not out to be millionaires," Clark said. "We're here to make good music and have people enjoy it."

As financial gain isn't the main motive, there will not be any food venders on site, so attendees should bring their own refreshments and adhere to the city's regulations on alcohol use at park property.

"Mainly know that you can't have alcohol in the vehicle or on the parking lot," Clark said. "And try to keep it family friendly and respectful to the surrounding neighborhoods."

The bands don't want unruly behavior to disrupt the festival or nearby homes.

"Just keep it cool," Clark said.

Souvenirs will also be cheap too, which is in added benefit to the low-cost production.

"We want to sell T-shirts and get our bands known," Clark said. "But those T-shirts are gonna be $5. We aren't after a profit so much as we are just recooping what it costs for bands to get here and play.

Clark isn't just the man behind the scenes spreading the word about the festival."

He's the lead vocalist and lead guitarist for Jay Satellite, an independent band that's based here in Hutto. Its recording studio is located in Clark's home, which is in old downtown.

His wife Marigold, who works at the Home Depot, is in the band too. She sings harmony and plays the bass guitar.

Out-of-town Jay Satellite band members are Camaron Taylor and Andrea LaGrone, both of Austin. Taylor is on the rhythm guitar, and LaGrone plays the drums.

"We were inspired by a lot of the 1980s," Clark said. "If you can imagine Kiss, Cure and Nivana coming together and blending, you can kind of imagine Jay Satellite."

Twin Heavens is another Hutto band that will be at Satellite Fest. It's the opening act. The lead of that band is 15-year-old Jackson Clark, the son of Jay Satellite's Marigold and Jason Clark.

"His middle name is Lennon. You can see what we did there," Clark said, smiling at the obvious Beatles reference.

The Clark family won't be the only local talent showcased at the festival, though.

Ray and Jen Brown of Taylor will be on stage with the band Paris Falls.

They are a couple very similar to the Clarks. They're making music while they're raising kids.

"We're very excited to come to Satellite Fest," the Browns said. "It's a great opportunity to showcase the good music that's produced here locally."

Nine other independent music bands from the Houston and Austin areas are also on the playlist.

Follow facebook.com/jaysattellite for festival updates and details. - The Hutto News

"Record Review: From The Mythical Land Of..."

You would be forgiven if you've been unable to keep pace with Jay Satellite, the rock & roll quartet that hails from Hutto. In the past year or two Jay and crew have released a myriad of albums and often it's hard to figure out where to start with the band's catalog. "From the Mythical Land of...", the band's latest effort, is the best place to start. not only because it's the newest, but also because it is the band's most scattered effort to date.

That usually means "bad" in most music writers' lexicons, but in this case, "From the Mythical Land of..." is kind of like a Whitman's Sampler box for all the different styles that the band and Jay Satellite frontman Jason Clark have together and separately pursued over the past 20 years. The title track sound like Guided By Voices if channeled in from outer space; "Static Charger" would make a fine Superdrag b-side; "Spring Is Coming" is the first spot on the album where you really get the feeling that the band is going for something looser, less turgid and less tourtured. The easy tremolo throb, the sound tape splices...it and "Testify" following it, shows the band is embracing whimsy and showing many facets of the band, from lo-fi cassette pop to 90's Manchester rock to the Alternative Nation buzz bin...

"From the Mythical Land of..." is in a way like a love letter to what was great about early 90's alternative rock presented by a band that was for the most part there at the time and can deliver the goods competently.

- Kelly Minnis - 979Represent


Latchkey e.p. (2008)

Kicks Against The Pricks (2010)

Alter Ego Trip (2011)

Bright Blue Blazer (2013)

Lizards Of Swarm (2013)

Alzheimers (2013)

Black Cherry (2013)

Invisible to Everyone (2014)

From The Mythical Land Of... (2014)

Constellations (2015)

Swoon e.p. (2016)

Who We Are (2017)



Jay has been writing songs in his head for all of his life, and has spent the last 30 years or so recording them in some form or another. Now after all this time, and (literally) thousands of songs, he felt the time was right to form the band that would play the best of these songs live.  That band is Jay Satellite, Jason's alter-ego, a distillation of everything he grew up loving.  Joined by his partner in crime Marigold on bass, Andrea LaGrone on drums, and Camaron Taylor on 2nd guitar, Jay Satellite play dark pop songs with catchy melodies and thoughtful lyrics.

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