Jay Shaner

Jay Shaner

 Sacramento, California, USA

Guitarist, Singer, coffee shop lurker, reader, and taker of afternoon naps; Jay combines the smarts of Sufjan Stevens with the heart of Jeff Buckley in his intimate and sincere songwriting that gently persuades...then breaks your heart.


Urban life, heartbreak, and bitter-sweet memories, are all common themes in Jay Shaner's music. Intimate and personal, yet hauntingly familiar, Jay's sincere and emotional songwriting connects honestly and immediately. Like a twilight highway drive, or a lonely Sunday road, Jay's folk pop songcraft gently persuades and then breaks your heart.
In 2008 Jay released his 2nd LP titled "Best Laid Plans", and is preparing to record a series of EP's with newly formed backing band The Cowboy Killers.


Jay Shaner's Cowboy Killers: 9 singles released summer 09'

Best Laid Plans: solo LP 12 tracks, released 2008.

Last Day of Summer Sessions : artist compilation produced by Jay Shaner. released 2008. ( single: Say it with Grace)

Ghosts of California: self titled Ep. released 2006

Heavy Early: Full Length recording, 11 tracks, released 2004

Borken Mics and Open Hearts: 8 song EP released 2003.

Set List

Set list:

Typically 9 songs...45 minutes. all originals pulled from any of my solo releases and occasionally including new or unreleased material.