Jayson Rowley

Jayson Rowley


Rootsy, modern folk music with soul-stirring lyrics. Tasty lap slide guitar and octave mandolin to arouse your senses. A varied musical palate for your ears keeps your toes tapping, your brain moving and your heart beating.


With his distinctive songwriting style and honest approach to lyric writing, Jayson Rowley is an exciting and unique part of the world of acoustic performers.

Growing up in Southern California, Jayson was raised on all types of music: surf-punk, country, blues, traditional folk, classical and jazz. His blending of traditional and modern folk, including celtic and other world music influences, colors his music in ways that satisfy the need for something unique in both recorded works, and live performances.

Jayson’s refreshing outlook on songwriting and performances with an array of instruments is turning heads at every corner and is ever-present on his debut album, Walk the World. His hopeful and positive approach to life in this not-so-perfect world is evident in his songs.

Most recently, Jayson was chosen by the Gap to perform at the largest-ever simultaneous live acoustic music event.

Jayson recently opened for Beausoleil with Michael Doucet and did an on-air interview with KGLT in Bozeman, Montana showcasing his album, Walk the World.

He is also showcased on SPINOC.org, an organization aimed at assisting the homeless in Orange County, CA.
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Pick You Up

Written By: Jayson Rowley

A river came running down my street
Grab a boat and pick you up
We'll just go floating away
Until we reach rapids we can't cross
Just get out and walk around
Set up camp on the ground
and lay down
beneath the clouds and the stars

Get away from the population
Get lost in the wild
Find peace in the constellations
The time is always right
I'm coming to pick you up

The ocean just barged through my door
Take a swim to your place
We'll just keep holding our breath
Until we can surface for good
Just dry off and feel the sun
The trade winds start to gust
And lay down
beneath the blue sky

Get away from the population
Get lost in the wild
Find peace in the constellations
The time is always right
I'm coming to pick you up

Let's Just Say

Written By: Jayson Rowley

Let's just say everyone is insane
you and I will join the ranks
of the crazy minds and contented souls
out of the mold and into the world

Let's just say the world is ending today
Sometime around 11pm
Shall we think of how we would like to spend our final hours
Then wake up in the morning alive and empowered
Pretending we can never die
Immortal thoughts in our mortal minds
Climb the highest peak
Fly back down
Save the world and get some rest
Before tomorrow comes around

Let's Just Say

Let's just say everyone is a friend
Good energy fills the air
Not an enemy is near
Satisfaction's at the door
and Buddha just moved in on the second floor

Let's Just Say

Let's just say everyone is insane
you and I will be on our way
Let's just go on safari
make a stop in every town
We can live forever and find a place to settle down

Let's Just Say

Life on the Street (The Story of Rhythm and Melody)

Written By: Jayson Rowley

A young woman on 3rd St. walks by the cars
Collects change from strangers
She finds that the best place to get some rest
Is behind the liquor store

She’s humbly dressed in Salvation clothes
Got one pair of shoes and a cheeks like a rose
Give her change and she’ll thank you
She sees the sun through trees

This is life on the street

Her alley of choice sets an echo to her voice
As she sings a hymn from the south
Her 6-string guitar has 5 at the time
As she strums along with the rhyme

The weather turns colder every night
As mid-fall slowly returns
Now she searches for a warm bonfire
Where the wood and the trash burns

This is life on the street

There’s a man on Main with short brown hair
He savors the feel of his bedtime air
Can’t sleep inside for his eyes won’t let him
He stares at the moon

Beats on a bucket with pair of drumsticks
Out on the sidewalk, rhythm for tips
People stop and tap their feet
He makes just enough money to eat

This is life on the street

When the crowds die down, and the stores are closed
Walks down the street and hears the echo
Of a sweet voice that sounds so pure
Singing North Country Blues

A young woman sings out her heart and her mind
He sits next to her and their souls intertwine
They’ve been dealt the same cards, so the hand they combine
And they play all night
To their delight
By the bonfire light

This is life on the street
It’s tough and dirty, romantic and sweet
When two hearts meet
Through rhythm and melody

A man walks up as they work out some songs
Down by the cascading creek
Says he owns a club and loves how they sound
And hires them three nights week

Soon the two find a place to rent
Where they live and make music as one
They’ve been dealt the same cards, so the hand they combine
And they play all night
To thier delight
for the rest of their lives

This is life on the street
It’s tough and dirty, romantic and sweet
When two hearts meet
Through rhythm and melody

Walk the World

Written By: Jayson Rowley

We’re all connected
Connected in some way
But history drew lines we can’t erase

Becomes so hard to cross them
Hard to see we’re all the same
Somewhere along the line people began to hate

All of this land was joined and we were just one race
And you could walk the world
We were just human, living face to face
When you could walk the world

We are all just family
With a different face
What defines a man anyway

Is it his wisdom?
His wealth or his beliefs
Everyone does better when everyone succeeds


Lay down your weapons and your nasty words
Let go of your religious wars and look toward the earth
With nowhere to live you’d have no place to pray
And if your prayers get answered you’ll still need a place to stay

All of this land was joined and we were just one race
And you could walk the world
We were just human living face to face
But borders become walls
Walls that we can hide behind

When questions posed can’t resolve to an answer, it’s too late


Written By: Jayson Rowley

Rusty rail line running behind the building
carrying cargo of necessity
rumbles the ground while
tearing through landscape
Mountains can’t stop a train

Loud is your whistle
as it blows through crossings while
gates and bells signal your passing,
you come and go quickly
Blur to the eye, Santa Fe
always going somewhere

Somewhere on that train
rides a traveler
unknown to the engineer and crew
Finding comfort in the cars
racing up the coast
keeping a low profile

Somewhere on that Santa Fe
a traveler huddles in a corner
With beard and blanket, bread and water, eyes pointed north
hoping for change
out of New Mexico

Somewhere on that Santa Fe
a traveler gets a well-deserved
free ride in these autumn days
Going north
towards colder weather
where communities welcome such a traveler


It’s easy to keep a low profile
With nothing more than the clothes on your back
You’ve got nothing flashy, you’ve got nothing fancy to speak of
No attention is paid, so his destination is made

(chorus x2)

Take It All In

Written By: Jayson Rowley

It's not amazing if you see it everyday
But the first time you see the ocean
It will take your breath away
It's not exciting if you live where it snows
But the first time you see mountains in a blanket of white you know

You have to take it all in
While it is within your sight
Deep breath and a long pause
Make it a part of your life
and take it all in

It's just a redwood if you grew up down the road
But people travel from the city just to sit in its shadow
It's not groundbreaking when a child first opens his eyes
But when you first see your own baby, you truly realize


Little moments are never forever
Minutes pass but a memory lasts
Little moments exceed expectations
Years go by, but a moment stays inside
If you take it all in

Take it all in

Moving Through Space

Written By: Jayson Rowley

Eating bread and water
Leaving more for sons and daughters
Makes everything alright

Thinking about the time when
Everything fell into place
Nothing comes around unless you try

Living for the sunrise
I watch it circle with my own eyes
Something you must see to believe

Just happy to be breathing
‘cause someday I’ll be leaving
and rip my roots right out of the ground

The hands keep moving round and round
And they ain’t ever slowing down
The tick-tock keeps you moving through space

Walking streets with strangers
Seeking answers for the ages
The obvious is always so discrete

I’ll ask a million questions
And consider the suggestions
With time these roots grow under my feet

Waiting for the sunset
The darkness brings on a new mindset
The light you bring makes it all so clear

Just happy to be breathing
Cause someday I’ll be leaving
And rip my roots right out of the ground


Take me under your wing
And show me a thing or two to help me get through
Take me for a ride
Everybody’s got a clock but never the time


Smile and a Yawn

Written By: Jayson Rowley

Lately I've not been sleeping too well
Could be hell
Staring at the ceiling when I should be dreaming
Waiting for the moon to lull me to sleep
Lying next to you listening to you breathe
Makes it a moment that I can take
Even though I lie awake waiting for the sunrise to appear

In the Morning I Feel Alright
In the Morning I Feel Alright
In the Morning I Feel Alright

Darkness fills the sky and the room, but not my mind
I analyze the day and think about tomorrow
Waiting for the sun to signify the day
Lying next to you, I soon hear you say
"Good morning how was your night? I hope that you slept alright?"
Your smile rejuvenates my soul


Late nights don't compare
To early misty morning air
Up to greet the dawn
with a smile and a yawn


All Out

Written By: Jayson Rowley

Home is wherever you make it
Where your head makes a bed
and where dreams are born

The world is already flying
It's speeding by and you gotta catch a ride

It's all out or it's nothing 'cause this life's too short to be faking
Don't let it pass by
Because sometimes you might be alarmed or a little mistaken
But life keeps rolling on
and you gotta move along

The road has already been traveled
It's already been paved but there's always another way
The sky is always your blanket
It's always your roof and the stars are looking at you


This Bridge

Written By: Jayson Rowley

One side is the beginning where the story commences
Sunlight breaks through again
In no time were're on the bridge and we're walking together, in all kinds of weather
Keeping our sights on the other side

Meeting at the edge of this bridge was a pleasure
Each step we have taken in stride
Seems like we're barely moving but we've walked for years, through laughter and tears
Keeping our sights on the other side

The other side is a ways away
But that's a good thing, that's a good thing
The other side we will see someday
When we reach the end, hand in hand

Looking to the future is always so hopeful
But each bridge has a few missing boards
We'll make the best of every step that we share, suspended in air
Keeping in mind there's no end in sight

This Bridge sways with the wind
It makes us stumble every now and then
But This Bridge is securely attached
We just keep moving along this path



"Walk the World" - 2008

Set List

My setlist changes from night to night, consisting mostly of my own material with occasional cover of a good song.